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A 1-Day Immersive to Anchor You Into Your Wholeness in Business and Beyond

Mindset & Self-Acceptance Coach

Body & Business Mentor

Erin Chiarelli

Laura Kelly

Are you shifting into a new paradigm of your business?

One where you can ditch your title of "PRODUCTIVITY ROBOT" and emerge fully into the radiant artist that you actually are?!

Yeah, we feel that.

We are two soul-centered leaders who have deconstructed our businesses to rebuild with more room for creative play and purpose, not only so that it feels sustainable to build, but also because it invites the coolest, most vibrant souls into our work. (That's you!)

We cannot wait to immerse you into the physical, emotional, and spiritual practices to support you as you break free of the box of traditional business.

Spend the day with us and leave feeling confident about how to balance your PLAY, PARTY, & PURPOSE in your business!


A full day to reconnect deeply with self, immersing fully into your energy and the energy of a small group (6-10) other humans desiring to bring play, fun, individuality, and a creative spark into all that they do. 

Sunday, May 5, 2024 from 10am - 5pm

Le Greenroom, 753 Chemin Riverside, Wakefield Quebec
(30 minutes from downtown Ottawa)

Includes a lunch party, snacks, and refreshments throughout the day

A jam packed (yet intentionally spacious) schedule crafted by Erin & Laura, designed to leave you re-inspired, energized, and deeply connected with the importance of adult FUN (and how that plays a big role in your business and your life outside of it.)

Those are our kind of people!


Arrival & Grounded Welcome


PLAY Workshop 


Inner Child Embodiment Practise
What Lights You Up?

Intention Setting

Lunch Party 


Food Gratitude & Celebration Practice (body fuel is party fuel!) 

PARTY Workshop 


Power of Voice Experience
Masculine & Feminine Energy in Your Business
Human Design in Nature Embodiment Practice

Snack & Quiet Creative Reflection


PURPOSE Workshop 


Human Design Workshop
Intuitive Business Decision Making

Grounded Closing


Sharing Circle

Departure! But really it's just the beginning...


Reconnecting to your purpose through play has never been this cozy...

home for the day

Le Greenroom is located inside the old green room of the iconic Blacksheep Inn, in the heart of Wakefield and overlooking the Gatineau river and hills.

It is the perfect space to call home for the day, as we explore the beauty of our environment both indoors and outdoors during our embodiment practices.

We can't wait for you to see the view!

If you're yearning to express your full spectrum self online, in your business, and in the real world... she's your gal. 

Erin Chiarelli is your go to confidence boost, especially when to comes to sharing your inner vision with the outer world.

remain committed to your ongoing personal growth and development. When it comes to building the business of your dreams, one brick at a time, you're gonna need to kick your self-doubt, imposter syndrome, fear of failure, and fear of rejection to the curb. 

Laura Kelly is the Coach you want in your corner if your goal is to

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Since our party is in Canada, our prices are in Canadian Dollars :)

A 1-Day Immersive to Anchor You Into Your Wholeness in Business and Beyond

A jam packed (but intentionally spacious) schedule crafted by Erin & Laura

Indoor and outdoor embodiment practices for you to reconnect with self at a core level

Community time with other humans who are feeling the same things you're feeling

Lunch, snacks, and refreshments are on us!


What practical takeaways will I be able to apply right away?

You know that feeling of being stuck at a fork in the road, paralyzed with options, begging to ditch your dreams and go back to the safety of your comfort zone? Yeah, you're gonna feel the exact opposite of that. Call it unleashed, call it the spark, but we're preparing this day with exactly that in mind: getting you into that zone where you can connect deeply with your own magic, and spring into playful action with it

While your ticket is non-refundable, you are absolutely welcome to transfer your ticket to someone you know who will benefit from joining the experience. We'd hate to see it go to waste! 

What happens if I need to cancel?

We do! Click the link to buy a ticket and you'll see there's an option to pay in into two instalments. The Early Bird is available for $444 now until April 5, 2024. Regular pricing is $555 after April 5, 2024.  

Do you offer a payment plan?

This immersive is for the wellness oriented womxn in business who is ready to usher in more fun and pleasure in all levels of business, to reconnect deeply with their WHY and anchor into it. If your business used to feel fun but you feel yourself shrinking away behind your hustle culture habits and on-again-off-again commitment to your passion, we're really excited about the thought of you spending a full day on a date with your business. 

You'll know you're a fit if you feel a spark of curiosity about what it would be like to step into a new paradigm of business: one where your wellness is honoured before the tasks on your to do list, one where JOY is the driving force behind the action steps you take to birth your best work out into the world. This work is best done in the shared energy with others, which is why we've designed this in-person experience for you with a small group of 6-10 people. 

How do I know if I'm a good fit?

We love you, organized one! A few things to put on your packing list: a notebook and a pen, a water bottle, some cozy clothes for a comfortable day of learning and movement, a warm outdoor layer, your open mind, open heart, and willingness to make some new friends.  

What should I bring?

We invite you to join this experience at any stage of business where you find yourself looking to reconnect with that feeling of excitement and liberation in what you're creating. Join us if you're new to the entrepreneurial space—in that first or second stage of business, looking to stabilize, struggling with why it seems you can't. Join us from the transitional phase of your business as you're pivoting from one offer to another, or reaching for a level of freedom that exists far outside your comfort zone. From selling to creating to holding space for your clients, if your entrepreneurial soul work no longer lights you up from the inside, this day has been designed just for you. 

How far along do I need to be in my business to join?

I need more of your collective energy, Erin & Laura, where can I go next? 

We love your passion and excitement for this work! First step, make sure you're following us both on Instagram, where you'll find behind the scenes looks at our precious offerings as we're creating them for you. You can find Laura at and Erin at @schoolofritual. We have so many resources waiting for you to dive in, including paid courses and trainings, free podcast episodes, and you can hire us 1:1 by adding us to your camp of superstars who help make your work possible. So glad you're here! 

I have dietary restrictions, will I be able to join the food party?

It's a priority for us to ensure you're able to join the food party, yes! Please reach out to Erin [] after purchasing your ticket so you can share your dietary restrictions with us in advance.

Early Bird Pricing On Now Until March 5