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I work with people who feel a deep longing for change in their lives.

If you are in one of those chapters where it all just feels like one big confusing mess, you’re in exactly the right place. My specialty is helping you to rediscover your passion — what drives you, what makes you come alive — and helping you ignite that spark of power, motivation, and vibrancy in your life. 

We don’t wait for all the pieces to come together perfectly before we start living. The work we’ll do together here demands that you consider today an amazing place to start.

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I work with people who are ready to break free from the patterns that hold them back, redefine what success means for them, and find more joy and fulfillment in their lives. My process ensures that where you want to be is TRULY what's in alignment for you. Click below to find out more about my style of coaching!

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The podcast is where I share my heart, my revelations, my stories, and the personal development work that I'm learning each week while I support my coaching clients. It’s a compassionate place for you to land, whether you’re celebrating your latest win or deep in the challenges of being in the messy middle. You'll love it.



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It's the best deal on the internet because I am guiding you through your first 3 months of your body acceptance journey for FREE. F as in free, R as in "really?! wow, thanks LK!", E as in easy as opening up an email, and E because everybody is who you're going to want to tell when you realize how much better life is after you stop hating your body.


Define Your Brand's Message

Ever wish someone could see inside your brain and extract your brand's message in the perfect ready-to-use words? Join me for a 90 minute session that will leave you feeling confident about your brand's message, including who you serve and how, your client's journey, your brand voice, and how you want your work to feel.


To know where you’re going you need to know why. 

To create a life that fills your tank to the brim, you must be connected to your big picture vision.
And to feel content in your success, you need to be able to define it.

I work with creative small business owners just like you. Together we’ll gain clarity about what you offer, how to promote it, how to talk about it, and how to feel in alignment with your purpose. But it's not all business, my friend. As a personal development coach, my job is to get you fired up about the life that exists outside of your business too!

These strategies and tools will help you step into confidence in your business, so that you can make decisions that align with your values. Remember, your personal development IS your business development.

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You Might Not Like It is the soundtrack to the raw, real, often incredibly challenging work that happens when you’re choosing to prioritize your personal growth and overall life fulfillment. The episodes are a combination of personal stories as well as the larger themes that take up space in our hearts and minds. It’s a compassionate place for you to land, whether you’re celebrating your latest win or deep in the challenges of being in the messy middle.

Welcome to
"You Might Not Like It"

The “start” is often the hardest part, even though it’s wildly under-celebrated.

Over here we believe in basking in even the smallest of wins.

It wasn’t a failure if you learned anything about how to persevere.

And it definitely wasn't a failure just because that door of opportunity didn't open the first time you knocked...

"If I could just have X, then I'd be happy" is the biggest trap disguised as ambition.

Success isn't waiting for you at the bottom of your to-do list, and it sure as sh*t won't find it by reaching some number on the scale. 

If Bethenny Frankel can go from a comic sans logo to the cover of Forbes, you can do anything you put your mind to.

This references isn't aging well.

You don't need a 10-step morning routine to be a person who prioritizes mindfulness.

And you don't need your dream body to start living.

I believe:





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I always feel like you're sitting on my couch and talking to me when you roll out a podcast ep but giiiiirrrrrlllll... I am so beyond filled with joy and action. Y'all, GO LISTEN!


- Kallai @_kalandco



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