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So let's take it back to 2018, when I was kicking ass and taking names as one of the top wedding photographers in Ottawa, Canada.

I had built the business of my dreams, complete with all the big milestones (having my work published in a major magazine, running photography workshops, travelling to shoot the most amazing destination weddings...)

Finally my business was running like a well-oiled machine. I had "made it."

So imagine my surprise when that turned out to be the same moment that I decided it was time to build something new.

See, the thing is...
it's kind of a long story.

As soon as I realized that I didn't want to be shooting weddings in my 40s or 50s, I couldn't think of anything other than the fact that there would be a second career.

I started a podcast called "You Might Not Like It" to document the process of figuring out what this second career would be. I knew I had a cool opportunity to tell this story as it was happening -- ups, downs, and everything in between.

In 2018...

I tried my hand at being a brand messaging / copywriting coach. I put out a really awesome online course and the cash started flowing in, but I was far from passionate about teaching people how to write social media captions...

I struggled at first to listen to that voice that told me to go back to the drawing board in search of my real passion. After all, doesn't it somehow feel tempting to "forge ahead" with something, even if you know it's not what you want? 

passion always seemed to come always brought me back to confidence and overall life fulfillment.

In 2019...

I had one of those major lightbulb moments and I grabbed a plain sheet of paper and a black sharpie (left handed over here!) and mapped out the coaching program + community of my dreams.

I called it CHEER CAMP because the main goal was to strengthen that inner cheerleader that exists inside of each of us. Sometimes we can't hear her because imposter syndrome or self-doubt is too loud.

As soon as I scrapped the formula for what a group coaching program was supposed to look like, I realized that I could use my superpowers of being a supportive champion, a killer friend, and a source of positivity for others. As soon as I got a taste for that, I knew I needed to make it my full time job.

In 2021...

I followed one of my inner curiosities and became certified as a Body Acceptance Coach. I didn't set out to become this kind of coach when I started my own journey of healing my body image, I was legitimately just at a crossroads of being so exhausted with on and off restrictive dieting for 17 years, tired of fighting with my body over the same pounds again and again. It took me 2 years to get comfortable enough to tell my story on the podcast, but I'm so glad I did because fast forward to today and I'm supporting others as they wave the white flag of surrender after a lifetime of body image issues.

In 2023...

→ Start Your Body Acceptance Journey TODAY.

→ Bopping around town with my husband, Ryan, and my spirited little kiddos, Cooper and Jilly. (And if you see me with a paper cup, it is most definitely filled with boxed wine. Every neighbourhood adventure is better with a "walk-tail" ykno?)

→ Planning a weekend getaway with my girlfriends! I'm a big fan of late night card games, deep chats around the fire pit, and being in control of the soundtrack while someone else is in charge of cooking breakfast.

→ Getting way too excited about a new leaf sprouting up on one of my plants. I used to kill everything that came into the house, but now I geek out over plant-tok and watching my babies thrive!

→ Watercolour painting! It was the hobby I picked up during the pandemic and it stuck. I love to paint patterns, florals, mini rainbows, and disco balls.

→ Recording the latest podcast episode or writing the next email in the Body Acceptance Series. My business is most definitely one of my hobbies, and I so love puttering away on anything that gets my creative juices flowing.

These days you can find me...

The Difference a Year Makes

Reflecting on my first year as a coach, including the imposter syndrome and self-doubt that showed up along the way. If you walk away with one message after this ep, it's that YOU. ARE. CAPABLE. Everyone’s story will be different, this is mine. I hope you take from it the things that are helpful and leave the rest!

Here's What Happened...

It's not all sunshine and rainbows while building your dream, and this episode comes to you during a chapter where success felt very far away and failure was right there staring me in the face. I had just tried to launch the next chapter of CHEER CAMP only to fall flat on my face. This one gets pretty emotional.

My Body Image Story, Pt. 1

The story of how I broke up with diet culture once and for all, after 15 years in an obsessive, restrictive, messy cycle of self-sabotage. I was exhausted from trying to change the size of my body, but ready to give myself a different future. Since then, I have worked so hard to heal my relationship with food, exercise, body image, and self-worth. 




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