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Good news, though — I'm here to make that part super freakin' easy.

It's scary to admit that you're ready for change...


Good news, though — I'm here to make that part super freakin' easy.

It's scary to admit that you're ready for change...

I'm Laura Kelly, and I'm a life & business coach.

I am obsessed with the world of personal growth & development, and can't believe I found a way to make it my full time gig! Pinch me. (But also, I worked my butt off for this, and it definitely didn't happen overnight.)

And if I'm being honest, I did NOT like the idea of someone poking around in my brain… or having the stress of being accountable to someone else when I already had so much on my plate.

I was the girl who thought I didn’t need a coach because I was already self-motivated and driven.

Resisting that desire for “more” was a way to keep myself safe. I was hiding from my own potential out of fear that actually TRYING would lead to failure. 

I did everything to avoid failure. And embarrassment. And judgement. 

Somewhere buried deep in the story was a moment where I stopped hiding, and started living.

I can see it so clearly now...

For me, that moment came when I surrendered to the notion that my personal development WAS my business development. I started noticing that what was happening in my life was also showing up in my business. 

It wasn’t until I started working with a coach that I realized how taking on something new could actually create space and freedom in my life.

What is "hybrid coaching?"

Hybrid coaching is, at its core, a belief that your life and your business are intricately connected.

To know where you’re going you need to know why. 

To create a life that fills your tank to the brim, you must be connected to your big picture vision.
And to feel content in your success, you need to be able to define it.

Hybrid coaching allows us to look at the circumstances of your life and mindset in order to set goals and make progress in your business. Each program is completely unique based on where you're starting and where you want to go.


I've played around with all kinds of different packages and structures for 1-on-1 coaching, but I've seen the best results when my clients get to book their sessions on their own schedule.

Some of my clients love the accountability of meeting consistently once or twice a month, while others are happy to spread them out a bit more so they have time to implement the lightbulb moments that happen while we're working together.

It will be up to you how many sessions you take on and how you schedule them! I offer a 3-pack or 6-pack of sessions, which are each 1 hour long. You can reach out anytime between sessions for additional support or guidance. I'm here to make this super easy for you, especially if you're feeling nervous about getting started. 

How does it work?



It feels like everyone else is thriving on hyper-speed while your progress feels like it’s happening in slow motion.

Is it just you?
Were you not cut out for this?

And how can you know you’re on track when you’re feeling foggy about where you’re heading?

Can we just skip this part and head straight to that feeling of being ENOUGH?

I’ve been exactly where you are — overworked, overwhelmed, and feeling drained just thinking about the things I haven’t even added to my to-do list yet.

Feeling like you’re enough doesn’t magically happen when you reach some arbitrary goal, like a number of followers, or a fully booked calendar. 

We will work together over the next 3 months to define what success means for you. Together we’ll gain clarity about what you offer, how to promote it, how to talk about it, and how to feel in alignment with your purpose.

These strategies and tools will help you step into confidence in your business, so that you can make decisions that align with your values. Remember, your personal development IS your business development.

Success isn't waiting for you at the bottom of your to-do list, I promise.

You're here for a reason.

You might be scared to get started, or invest in yourself without the certainty of knowing where the investment will take you. 

Know that this is a perfectly normal feeling, while also knowing that this is a fork in the road. This could be the day you look back on and realize you decided to do it anyway. 

Getting over these mental blocks of investing in yourself is a pivotal first step. You are enough. Plain and simple. 

And you are ready to make this change.

I'm ready to get started

Private coaching is a partnership. It's not a one-way arrangement where I tell you the steps and you check the boxes.

It's a conversation. It's a system of support and accountability. 

It's a deeper understanding of exactly where you are now, and it's a joint effort to get you where you want to be. 

We will work together to:

That's the beauty of personalized coaching...

Create boundaries that protect you from burnout

Break down your big ideas into small steps that you can actually achieve

Find more time and energy to enjoy the life that exists outside of what pays the bills

Redefine what success means to create clarity about your goals

Hone your message so that you can communicate it clearly and easily

Chase after those big ideas you've been pushing aside out of fear of failure or rejection







"When you start to change one thing about your life, all other pieces truly can follow suit. Part of me knew this already, but living through it via this program was a great feeling."

"Having someone in your corner, motivating, supporting and rooting you on is a powerful force."


"Laura helped to minimize the fear in making one of the riskiest decisions in my adult life while also helping me realize that I am worth the premium prices I now charge. If you’re self-disciplined and want to see a change in your life, Laura will help you get there."

"Laura's mentorship gave me confidence to get there in half the time."

reagan b.

"I started working with Laura with a clear goal in mind - transition from employee to full time entrepreneur within a year."

"The past three months were more than I could have asked for. Not only did Laura hold me accountable the entire time but she immediately helped me recognize and overcome mindset blocks that were getting in the way of my progress."

"Laura's ability to recognize my potential and continuously push me outside my comfort zone was exactly what I needed."



If you're second guessing whether you're up to the task, or even if you're worthy of exploring the possibility -- you're not alone. 

It's important that you know that this kind of fear exists to keep us safe; to keep us nestled in our comfort zones. 

Fear comes from knowing that hard work that lies ahead. Fear causes us to bottle it up until it's so big that we talk ourselves out of it. But you ARE ready. 

I've created a program that I feel so passionate about, and part of that passion comes from knowing that we'll get to do it together. Consider me your supportive business comrade, who is always there to remind you how far you've come.

You are READY.



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Small Business
Buff & Polish

Mufasa told Simba, "everything the light touches is our kingdom." Well, every inch of the internet that your business touches is your "business storefront." (FB page, IG bio, website, welcome sequence, freebie, etc.!) The Small Business Buff & Polish gives us 3 virtual 90-minute sessions together to refresh your online presence from tip to tail. I'm ready when you are!

I'm in!

New Business: First 10 Steps

Congrats on your new creative venture! I'm 12 years into the whole self-employed thing and I'm still learning new things all the time. I'll help you get the lay of the land with the First 10 Steps package where we'll spend 10 one-hour sessions together to cover the basics of everything from how to make your first website, to getting started on social media, email marketing, search engine optimization, and design!


TLC Mindset Shakeup

I made the TLC Mindset Shakeup for the small business owner who feels like they're drowning in the process of building their dream. This is for you if you've built up a thick rind of resentment towards the process. It's harder than you thought it would be, and I feel that on the deepest level because I've been right where you are. Join me for 3 90-minute sessions designed to bring you back to life.



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