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and there's nothing I'd rather do in this world than help you discover how capable you are. 

I've been coaching since 2019 after having a pretty profound experience in my own personal growth. I made some radical shifts away from people pleasing and accomplishment chasing and I started to embrace the journey vs. the destination. I discovered how to feel at home in my body when that felt like the furthest thing from possible.

It became abundantly clear that I needed to be supporting other people through their own radical life shifts: more joy, more fulfillment, kinder self-talk, less pressure, and a clearer purpose.  

I'm Laura Kelly,

My process ensures that where you want to be is TRULY what's in alignment for you. It's not uncommon for my clients to be chasing a specific achievement or milestone because that's what they *think* would make them look successful (to their parents, to their partner, to their friends, or to strangers on the internet.)

This is where our journey begins: quieting the pressure and the outside noise, so we can get super clear about how you want your life to feel.

Whether your goal is to figure out the direction you want to take with your career, to put an end to your patterns of self-sabotage, or to wave the flag of surrender in the lifelong war you've waged against your body, coaching is a powerful way to create real change.

Coaching is the bridge between where you are now and where you want to be.

Looking to change your relationship with your body?


To quiet that voice that tells you you're too big, too loud, too much? To feel at home in your body? To not feel embarrassed to exist in the body you have right now? To experience peace in your body after a lifetime of being at war?

If your body is begging to be loved better by you, click the link below to learn more about body acceptance coaching. It is the best gift you can give to yourself.

Wanna get down and dirty with a Brand Messaging Session?


Ever wish someone could see inside your brain and extract your business' message in the perfect ready-to-use words? That exists! And you found it.

Click below to learn more about this powerful 90 minute session that will leave you feeling confident about your brand's message, including who you serve and how, your client's journey, your brand voice, and how you want your work to feel.

My world is opening up and new opportunities are on the horizon—I just need to be there to accept them into my world and let the forces that be do their magic! Thank you for everything!"

- M. V. B.

"I feel so grateful to have your support and help navigating this adventure.

By age 8 I had nailed down my answer for the meaning of life:

Find out what makes you happy and spend the rest of your life trying to do as much of that as possible.

I left room to change my mind about this, but the more I learned the more confirmed I felt in my initial statement. Happiness is, indeed, everything.

I've played around with all kinds of different packages and structures for 1-on-1 coaching, but I've seen the best results when my clients get to book their sessions on their own schedule. I offer coaching sessions in packs of 3, 6, or 10 so that you have the freedom to take on this work at your own pace.

Some of my clients love the accountability of meeting consistently once or twice a month, while others are happy to spread them out over a longer period of time. 

Each session is an hour long, however I've been known to go a bit over! I take a very human approach to my coaching work (and to my business in general.) These sessions take place on Zoom and I record the audio for you so that you can re-listen as needed. (Some of my clients make a ritual of listening back and taking notes, others never touch the recording at all. This is a very individualized process!)

How does it work?



- K. B.

"I just listened to our last session. Goodness - thank you for sitting through all that unpacking with me. I so appreciate your ability to sift through the rubble to get the gems."

You know that part in the bridge of You're On Your Own, Kid when Taylor Swift says she "found something they can't take away?"

I found the thing they can't take away when I stepped into the role of "coach" and discovered my passion for helping people feel more at home in their bodies and more fulfilled in their lives.

Meant for this.

If you're second guessing whether you're up to the task of working together one-on-one, you're not alone. Fear loves to poke its way into the conversation whenever there's hard work ahead. That's fear's job, after all; to keep us nestled in our comfort zones.

What I don't want you to do right now is talk yourself out of what you want. The truth is you're here for a reason.

You are ready to let go of what's not serving you. You are deserving of stepping into the next adventure that's calling your name. I'll be your BFF in coach form, supporting you through the bigger questions, guiding you to your own breakthrough moments and perspective shifts, and cheering you on from the sidelines.

You are READY.



Since a big part of finding the right coach for you is figuring out if that person is someone you can jive with, here are a few things to know:

FAQ / Vibe Check

I'm a little "woo" but it doesn't infiltrate into everything I do in my business. If that's something you're into, I am thrilled to bring that component into our work! If not, that's cool too. Your spirituality or faith is welcome here, though it is not a necessity to work together.

I take a very human approach to running my business so I don't have strict rules and about when you need to use your sessions by, or how long before a session you can or cannot cancel. Life happens. If for some reason you're not able to make it to our session, text me and we'll reschedule. You can always get something on my calendar with a week's notice and often you can get in next day. 

I have an inclusive and judgement-free coaching practise, meaning anyone and everyone is welcome here. 


Sometimes big life stuff comes up during our work together, however it is not in my scope of practise to dive into past traumas or therapy work. I can recommend a site like if you are having a hard time finding someone to work with. 

I enjoy offering support to my clients between sessions. You're welcome to text me, email me, or leave a voice note in a DM! I am pretty solid on personal boundaries so your response might not be immediate. Sometimes it's just helpful to get something off your chest or show another person what you're working on.

"When you start to change one thing about your life, all other pieces truly can follow suit. Part of me knew this already, but living through it via this program was a great feeling."

"Having someone in your corner, motivating, supporting and rooting you on is a powerful force."


"Laura helped to minimize the fear in making one of the riskiest decisions in my adult life while also helping me realize that I am worth the premium prices I now charge. If you’re self-disciplined and want to see a change in your life, Laura will help you get there."

"Laura's mentorship gave me confidence to get there in half the time."

reagan b.

"I started working with Laura with a clear goal in mind - transition from employee to full time entrepreneur within a year."

"The past three months were more than I could have asked for. Not only did Laura hold me accountable the entire time but she immediately helped me recognize and overcome mindset blocks that were getting in the way of my progress."

"Laura's ability to recognize my potential and continuously push me outside my comfort zone was exactly what I needed."




Interested in working together but not sure which option is the best fit for you? That's what I'm here for!

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