Your Body Acceptance Journey Starts TODAY


1-on-1 Body Acceptance Coaching

And yet it might feel like the scariest thing EVER to consider answering that call. This body? Deserving of my love and respect? For many of the clients I work work, that feels furthest from the truth.

These are people who have been told that their bodies are not worthy of. 
These are people who have been told they are too big, too loud, too much, and that consistent messaging has lead to a rock solid belief that their lives would be better if they could find a way to shrink. To be invisible. 

Your body is craving to be loved better! It wants to keep up with all the LIVING you want to do! 

Your body is begging to be loved better by you.

The freedom that comes from letting go of your obsession with weight, food, and clothing sizes? So you can wear what you want, and show up in the world as your most authentic self? 

The freedom that comes from being comfortable in your body? Comfortable with being seen?

The freedom that comes from detangling your self-worth from your body image and releasing the body shame that has been holding you back for far too long? 

The freedom of feeling like your body is home?

Can you imagine the FREEDOM of self-acceptance?

Diet culture had me believing these freedoms were only available if I could shrink myself enough. I thought those feelings of comfort in my body could only be achieved by creating a body that was worthy of loving.



and I did the restrictive diet obsession thing for 17 years straight, before I finally said: ENOUGH. (In my best Taylor Armstrong voice.) My body was begging to be loved better by me, and I was finally ready to listen.

I became a Certified Body Acceptance Coach to help others learn how to make their bodies a more peaceful place to exist. 

I went from counting calories, weighing myself two or three times a day, shaming and torturing my body with every inner thought, to feeling COMFORTABLE in my own skin, moving and strengthening my body out of love, and seeing my body as a vessel to help me carry out of my purpose. Without a doubt, the most important work I've ever done. 

I'm Laura Kelly,

Love this for you, but I'm terrified to consider working with a coach on this.

I don't know if I'm ready, or if I'll ever be able to accept the body I'm in.


It's okay to bring your skepticism with you! It's common for that to show up, and I'll give you a peek at what it sounds like in others so you know you're not alone:


“My life is a long journey of self hatred, although from an objective perspective I have no reason for it. But it is there and is destroying so much of my life. I tried to work around it with training, food, and now I try to learn something about my style. And it works quite well. But I recognized that something deep inside of me is missing. There is this shame, hatred and dark hole. And I realized that I have to work on that to really make some changes. And then I saw your homepage and thought why not start here! Cannot be a coincidence. And now I am full of doubts. And I have this belief in me that I cannot change anything. And I think one part of me doesn't want to look at this shameful side of me. So I am totally nervous.”

“A couple of years ago, I would have absolutely said, this isn’t for me. I’ll never be able to accept my body. But not anymore! I can *kind of* see the light. I have a lot of work for sure, but I know it’s good work, and one worth doing. And shrinking? Haha. Yep: 100%. The only place I don’t try to shrink is on the basketball court or on the softball field. Isn’t that interesting? There it makes me strong. In regular life? My body makes me feel like an ogre.
Crazy. I’m done.”

“There is definitely lots of discomfort and self doubt. Can I do this? Am I strong enough to do this? How hard will this be?? All questions I’m pondering- but I know it’s something that needs to be done and I’m ready to work through each step.”

You are 6 months away from having a better relationship with your body.


And if it feels like I'm the Coach to support you on your journey, I would LOVE to invite you into a 6 month private coaching experience. All you need to bring is your open mind, open heart, and willingness to imagine feeling more at ease in the skin you're in.

It is the best gift you could give to your future self, to release the constant self-criticism and nurture a much kinder relationship with this body that will be yours for life.


"I felt so secure in myself and confident!"

- M. V. B.


Since a big part of finding the right coach for you is figuring out if that person is someone you can jive with, here are a few things to know:

FAQ / Vibe Check

I'm a little "woo" but it doesn't infiltrate into everything I do in my business. If that's something you're into, I am thrilled to bring that component into our work! If not, that's cool too. Your spirituality or faith is welcome here, though it is not a necessity to work together.

I take a very human approach to running my business so I don't have strict rules and about when you need to use your sessions by, or how long before a session you can or cannot cancel. Life happens. If for some reason you're not able to make it to our session, text me and we'll reschedule. You can always get something on my calendar with a week's notice and often you can get in next day. 

I have an inclusive and judgement-free coaching practise, meaning anyone and everyone is welcome here. 


Sometimes big life stuff comes up during our work together, however it is not in my scope of practise to dive into past traumas or therapy work. I can recommend a site like if you are having a hard time finding someone to work with. 

I enjoy offering support to my clients between sessions. You're welcome to text me, email me, or leave a voice note in a DM! I am pretty solid on personal boundaries so your response might not be immediate. Sometimes it's just helpful to get something off your chest or show another person what you're working on.

"Having you in my ear is like the big sister I need."

Looking for some support in your body acceptance journey but don't need a full 6 month program? I'd love to help! 

Click the link below to grab a single coaching session (75 minutes, virtual with audio recorded) and I'll meet you exactly where you are in your journey.