✔️ STEP ONE: Take the quiz to find out what kind of pep talk you need today!

✔️ STEP TWO: Get your result and hit play on this quick but powerful audio straight from me to you. (There's a transcript option as well!)

✔️ STEP THREE: Get personalized insight into how you can shift your mindset to be better aligned with your goals. No fluff, no sugar coating—I'm all about those actionable steps for practical results.

Hey! Welcome to the Pep Talk Quiz!

I'm Laura Kelly, and I'm a life & business coach.

My specialty is helping you to rediscover your passion — what drives you, what makes you come alive — and helping you ignite that spark of power, motivation, and vibrancy in your life. 

I've been a self-employed since I was 21 when I started my first business as a wedding photographer. I've needed MANY pep talks over the years to keep chugging along at building my dream, and now I have the privilege of being able to dole out that kind of support for other dreamers like you!


This quiz is seriously powerful...