What PEP TALK do you need today?

I’m really proud of you today! Life has its ups and downs, but you’re doing awesome at riding the waves. 🙌

Can you seek out a little extra appreciation or gratitude today? That's the art of the journey vs. the destination. It's not always going to be perfect, but you're exactly where you need to be. 

I'm sure you work really hard to create the routines, habits, and boundaries in your life to support the way you want to feel, and I wanted you to know that it's not going unnoticed here! 

👇 I've got just the pep talk to remind you to keep putting one foot in front of the other while you're pursuing your goals. You’re killin' it. You should be super proud of yourself.


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If you had asked me five years ago what happiness was I would have said that happiness is when nothing bad is happening. Now I know that happiness is being able to move through the ups and downs of life with ease, even when it's far from easy.

It's a harmony of sorts. It's being able to work towards something you want for your life while also being incredibly grateful for all that you have. It's feeling like you're living even when everything isn't perfect. It's finding joy along the way, amidst the ups and downs of the experience of being human.

Sometimes by default we get into the headspace of looking for everything that's missing, everything we're not, everything we don't have. The best thing we can do here is bring the focus back internally. You're doing great and my hope is that you feel that message through your whole body today. 

Everything is better with gratitude, so consider this a gentle reminder to bring that in as an intention today. Seriously, I'm really proud of you.

Focus on the good...

This should be you right now:

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- Cleo Wade

"One of the most radical things you could ever do is to decide to really and truly get to know yourself. That's all."


I'm Laura Kelly, a life & business coach living in Ottawa, Canada with my husband (we've been together since we were 17!) and our two kiddos, Cooper and Jilly. 

My daughter may or may not have been named after one of the Real Housewives of New York, which should help to set the tone for my deep, deep love of reality television.

I've been self-employed since I was 21, when I quit my job as a legal assistant to pursue photography full time. In 2018 I realized I had built that business beyond my wildest dreams, and I knew I was ready for a new challenge. Now, I help people like you discover how to quiet their self-doubt so they can fearlessly go after their next goal.

I'm big on romanticizing life, celebrating progress of all sizes, and the impact of long-haul personal development vs. focusing on quick fixes.

Call me LK, or call me "Coach"

In March of 2020, I broke up with diet culture once and for all, after 15 years of obsessive restrictive dieting. Turns out, it would change everything.

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If this result feels a bit like sticky sweet sugar-coating when what you really need is something else, I totally hear that. Sometimes we sugar-coat our answers because it feels a little too harsh to tap into something else that’s going on. In my case, I was raised to be a really positive and agreeable person. It does not come naturally to me to complain, to the point where it’s sometimes difficult to access all my feelings. 

For that reason, I’d actually love to give you access to the whole gamut of pep talks so that you can choose your own. Maybe deep down you know what kind of message you need to hear today, so feel free to browse around. (By the way, no one else got to choose their own pep talk! Lucky you!)

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