What PEP TALK do you need today?

This might sound harsh, but your excuses are running rampant right now! It might be time to stop talking about it, and actually go for it! 👊

Maybe you’re the type who buys all the courses and workshops, obsessively over-preparing but never acting or implementing. You might be waiting for all the ducks to be in a row before taking action, but I promise you, you will learn more by doing than you ever will by preparing. 

I want you to ask yourself the question, “what’s stopping me from making progress today?” Baby steps are your new best friend. 

👇 I’ve got the perfect pep-talk to help you shake things up today and free yourself from what’s weighing you down.


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That part of you that begs you to keep preparing is really just trying to keep you safe! When it comes to putting yourself out there, or taking a leap in learning something new, fear is ever present.


"What if I fail?" 😬
"What if I mess it up?" 😨
"What if they judge me?" 🥶
"What if no one shows up? 🥴

Talking the talk is way easier than walking the walk, right? But if we look at this through the lens of playing small vs. playing big, we can see how that lure of safety is really just self-sabotage in disguise.

Less this → 

More this → 

Less this:

More this:

I want you to ask yourself the question, "what's stopping me from making progress today?" 

Is it that you feel unprepared? Inexperienced? Confused about what to prioritize? Paralyzed that you might be doing it wrong? When you can listen in and observe where exactly the paralysis is showing up, it'll give you a hint about how you can support a more effective solution. 

What would it feel like to buy into the idea that you're ready to do what comes next?


Remember that it always feels scary when you're making a leap, but the BEST thing you can do for yourself is commit to making those moves before you feel truly ready. 👊 You're a goldfish giving yourself a bigger tank to swim in, and that's where you'll grow to your fullest potential. Until, of course, it's time for the next, even bigger, tank!

The process looks like this: take a big leap, level up and learn, hone your new skillset and gain and ton of experience, then leap again. Rinse and repeat. If it feels a little scary, you're doing it right. 👍


Remember that everyone started somewhere. None of us were born knowing  how to design a website 🖥️, or how to ship physical products 📮, or how to grow a business on social media 📲. If you see someone who makes it look easy, remember that at one point they were exactly where you are now, figuring it out step by step. 

The only way to gain experience is to keep going. That comparison doesn't serve you, so focus on your own path, your own journey, and affirm that where you are today is just one piece of a much larger story. 


Remember that mistakes are where we learn. Only through a willingness to get it wrong can we have a hope in getting it right. 

No one is expecting perfection out of you, so you need to take that pressure off yourself. All this worry about making a mistake is like a pair of handcuffs where only you hold the key. 🔑 You're confined to this box of perfection right now and it's not giving you any room to grow!  Shatter the glass, ditch the handcuffs, and get your hands dirty! 

Baby steps are your new best friend.

⚡ Pick one goal you're ready to move forward with, and write out a list of all the steps you need to take to make it happen.

⚡ If one of those tasks can't be completed in 30 minutes or less, break it up into smaller pieces!

⚡ Get the ball rolling like you're ripping off a bandaid! Even the smallest action can trigger that full body sensation of momentum, which is a powerful wave that will carry you into whatever task comes next.

Everything changed when I started being able to notice the patterns of my thoughts, and figure out when self-doubt would start to kick in and encourage me to abandon my goals. 

This episode is about returning to consistency and small progress. Baby steps are your new best friend, and after listening to this ep I know you'll feel clearer about what to focus on next. 

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You're one of my favourite people to work with, because you've got the key to your own handcuffs. It's such an empowering moment when you can cut away what no longer serves you, and build up an armour to protect you from your own self-sabotage.

The only question is... are you ready?

This is your journey.


I'm Laura Kelly, a life & business coach living in Ottawa, Canada with my husband (we've been together since we were 17!) and our two kiddos, Cooper and Jilly. 

My daughter may or may not have been named after one of the Real Housewives of New York, which should help to set the tone for my deep, deep love of reality television.

I've been self-employed since I was 21, when I quit my job as a legal assistant to pursue photography full time. In 2018 I realized I had built that business beyond my wildest dreams, and I knew I was ready for a new challenge. Now, I help people like you discover how to quiet their self-doubt so they can fearlessly go after their next goal.

I'm big on romanticizing life, celebrating progress of all sizes, and the impact of long-haul personal development vs. focusing on quick fixes.

Call me LK, or call me "Coach"

Discomfort and levelling up — why they’re connected, how it means you’re on the right track, and why I think you should change your mindset about the journey vs. the destination.

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I promise you, what you can accomplish when you're acting as your own teammate instead of operating from a place of self-sabotage is NIGHT AND DAY different. You're going to get so much further, and have way more fun getting there, when you take the time to build strength in your inner cheerleader. 

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