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Episode 181 – Self-Doubt Zapping Your Mojo?

Settle in and let’s just chat. I’m bringing you inside my business today in hopes that it’ll spark something in you that you can apply to yours! That’s what this podcast is all about: a soft place for small business owners to land when they’re in any stage of the journey. 

In case that’s too vague, I’m talking about my Tiktok experiment and the video that’s almost at 1M views, my funk that took me out of my growth mindset and into scarcity for a hot minute, what I’ve learned from collaborating with other small business owners, and how my life has been taken over by book reports, spelling tests, and swimming lessons. 

Perfect for a long drive, a workout, a walk, to have on in the background while you’re working, or while you’re power cleaning your kitchen. Enjoy!

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