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Episode 182 – Finding Your Wild with Shannon Clarke

Coaching wasn’t something Shannon Clarke went looking for. It started with a therapy session, which offered an invitation for Shannon to explore her inner world and see a different perspective for the world at large. Now, she helps people shed shame, to unravel and REVEAL their inner “wild.” 

This episode is SO good for the soul. It’s supportive, encouraging, and includes a beautiful story of bravery and passion in business.

Perfect for you today if you’re feeling lost, or if you’ve been suppressing your dream for fear that it could never happen, or simply if you’re curious about what a coach’s path could look like! I love how Shannon speaks about trusting the process and resisting the need for a niche, or external validation.

(6:00) Starting a coaching business without a niche

(8:42) Letting the business guide me

(11:06) Redirect self-doubt to become your own cheerleader

(16:00) The hero’s journey / your calling

(23:40) Getting comfortable in fear so you can tap into self-compassion

(35:11) “I am my own best art form.” Being highly mouldable, exploring our passions and expressions as if they’re a living art form.

A lot of small business mindset lessons here — in fact, you might listen more than once.

Connect with Shannon Clarke: 

Shannon Clarke Wild Woman Podcast

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