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Episode 183 – The Client’s Journey from Lead Magnet to Sale

It’s a pretty cool moment when you see a client go through the exact journey you’ve been setting up in the background for a few years. Since this podcast is essentially one long story of building my second business as a coach and personal development teacher, I felt like I owed it to you to tell this story of the pieces of the puzzle coming together. 

In this episode I’m talking about the client’s journey, and why it’s important for you as a business owner to be intentional about what you’re building and how it all fits together.

In my case, how a referral in a FB group directed someone to my website, which lead them to take the Pep Talk Quiz, where my free offering showcased my personality and passion for the work I’m doing. That new lead triggered a series of emails which guided someone who is truly my ideal client to start working with me 1:1 and join my personal development community, CHEER CAMP.

It’s true what they say, that a small business owner does a little happy dance in the background after something like that! I really felt the impact of everything I’ve been creating over the last few years. I also want to bring such a compassionate perspective for those listeners who are at the very beginning of setting up this kind of system — this is not something you can build in a day. I think this ep will really be a supportive listen for you.

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