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Episode 184 – Your Supportive Money Mindset with Money Coach, Tessa Paige

There’s a lot more that goes into your money situation than just the dollars in your bank account! Money mindset is something I’ve been exploring in my own personal development journey, which is why I was so eager to jump into today’s conversation with Tessa Paige, who offers financial coaching and mindset work for women who are working towards a feeling of empowerment and the ability to confidently make decisions surrounding their money.

Tessa shares about her experience after a relationship, moving into a corporate job, and realizing that the relief around money didn’t come even after the steady pay check started to arrive.  

Money Mindset & Your Small Business

We also talk about our money mindset as it relates to running a small business. The two are so connected! While, yes, the goal in a business is to drive money into your pocket, it’s also important for many of us to feel passionate about our impact and the work we’re doing. It’s not always easy to charge for your worth, especially when you’re newer in your business, or when the dollars aren’t exactly flowing in abundantly right now… 

This episode will hit you just right if you’ve ever wrestled with a scarcity mindset surrounding money in your business, or if you’ve ever taken an ego hit in reading someone else’s fast-tracked success story. 

Money Mindset & Comparison

I love Tessa’s approach on “releasing your timeline.” Your money situation will be completely unique from your neighbour’s, and comparison really does not serve you here. I say this all the time in my group program, CHEER CAMP, but comparison NEEDS context. 

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