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Episode 39 – Disney Tips for the Mom Who Wants to Capture It All

So you wanna go to Disney World and capture every single magical moment? Well babe, sorry to burst the bubble but it’s not gonna happen. At least, it shouldn’t happen! There’s a fine line between documenting the magic and missing out on the experience entirely. In this ep I’m sharing some advice about how to capture the moments while also making the memories.

It comes down to a few key things:

  • setting expectations and communicating them with the other members in your group
  • setting boundaries ahead of time for the kiddos
  • prioritizing your platforms, because you simply cannot do it all! (for me, instagram stories took a backseat to capturing video)
  • taking your shot when it counts and letting the other moments go undocumented

Plus, in this episode I’m also sharing some specifics about our day at Magic Kingdom, including a few things we learned along the way. Everything from stroller rentals to FastPasses and dinner reservations. Even if you don’t have a trip planned, I tried to make this an easy and entertaining listen, with a side of juicy parenting tips. GET READY.

PS, if you want to get your hands on the FREE Lightroom Mobile preset I use to edit all of my vacation photos that I took on my phone, make sure to put your name in over here! The preset will be coming your way shortly. xo


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Episode 39 – Disney Tips for the Mom Who Wants to Capture It All

We just got back from a week in Orlando, Florida and I’m filled to the brim with realizations about making memories as a family and having a positive vacation mindset. Ever hear those people at the airport bitching about how the lines are long and they didn’t get the seat they wanted or some other BS? Well those people suck at vacationing, and that’s SO not a cute look.

A few topics covered in this episode:

  • FACT: you actually get a say in how memories are stored in your brain, and it’s important to choose your words with intention
  • why I chose to leave my big camera at home on Disney day
  • what to ACTUALLY pack and bring into the parks
  • tips for making the most of a trip with young kiddos, from both Mom AND Dad’s perspective!
  • and my response to being told that we have a controversial parenting style



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