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Episode 38 – THIS is Why You Self-Sabotage, with Mindset Coach Katie Potratz

60 minutes with a mindset coach — you’re welcome in advance. This is one of the most jam-packed episodes when it comes to usable takeaways to improve your life and well-being. What a pleasure to hang with Katie Potratz for an hour to chat about everything from mindset,

What the Heck is NLP and EFT?!

  • NLP stands for neuro linguistic programming, Katie shares how she uses that technique to understand how certain beliefs are stored within the brain
  • EFT stands for emotional freedom techniques, also known as “tapping”
  • we discuss how these powerful tools can be used to help with emotional stress, anxiety, etc.

Self-Development Journey

  • Katie’s journey started with a book and a course by Tony Robbins, she goes into detail about both
  • “a mindset advantage” early on allowed her to take her training and turn it into an actual coaching business in only 1 year
  • we think we know what’s possible, but we’re really limiting ourselves by believing the possibilities are so small

It’s All About the Mindset Shift

  • we discuss how one partner in a marriage undergoing a self-development journey can be tough to navigate
  • Katie and I share about how our marriages have changed while we have been busy changing who we are as people
  • the biggest shift isn’t WHAT you’re thinking, but HOW — simply seeing the world differently through a new perspective

Manifestation for the Logical Mind

  • this is my FAVOURITE part, Katie talks about some big ideas like visualization and manifestation but from the perspective of a logical thinker who might struggle to make some of these connections
  • is your subconscious limiting your success?
  • what beliefs are living in your subconscious mind?
  • spirituality vs. belief in the power of the self (this could be the answer helping a logical thinker to understand this bigger idea!)
  • an answer to the question of whether manifestation is for LAZY people who want the universe to fix their problems for them!

Is It Possible to Totally Change WHO You Are?

  • Katie talks about the baby steps that can be made at the beginning of a journey towards finding purpose and fulfillment
  • READING: the book that kickstarted Katie’s journey is mentioned in this episode and it’s called The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness by Jeff Olson
  • living in a state of constant learning, always reading and attending courses and events
  • pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, Katie’s example is public speaking and building confidence!

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Episode 38 – THIS is Why You Self-Sabotage, with Mindset Coach Katie Potratz

60 minutes with a mindset coach — you’re welcome in advance. Regardless of how far you are into your journey of self-development, Katie Potratz has a way of explaining big ideas in tangible, practical ways that are guaranteed to shift things into perspective for you.

Katie explains that even the most logical thinkers can use tools like manifestation and visualization to achieve their wildest dreams. We’re going deep on the following topics during this episode:

  • WHY we self-sabotage
  • how to push past a plateau in your personal life and/or business
  • busting some myths about manifestation — it’s not for lazy people who think the universe will solve their problems for them
  • expanding the scope of what’s possible (stop thinking small!)
  • how to start with baby steps towards waking up with purpose



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