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Episode 30 – 10 Ways to Boost Your Self-Worth (Without Likes, Comments, or Followers)

Fake Internet Points:

  • Reddit coined the term “fake internet points” but what is the equivalent in other platforms?
  • for Instagram: we’re talking about likes comments, verified checkmark, etc.
  • these numbers hold massive meaning in our lives
  • but what happens when these numbers start to impact our self-esteem?

Why Does Social Media Impact Our Self Esteem?

  • it’s not your fault! the dopamine comes in many ways:
  • your brain is conditioned to get excited to see notifications
  • you might read comments like “omg you’re amazing,” which gives you a boost!
  • you give people the impression you’re busy and sought-after, especially for a small business owner

Changing Your Perspective on Metrics

  • if likes and followers isn’t the currency, we shift our focus to attention instead, see gary vee for a detailed convo about attention
  • however, I’m identifying a danger of getting your self worth from attention
  • the metrics for podcasts vs. the metrics for instagram
  • both are flawed
  • we accept the metrics we are given

Leaning Into What’s “Working”

  • photos of your face or your baby get more likes? it’s scientifically proven
  • but what happens when you lose your originality?
  • if it helps you sell more products and it’s working for you, great
  • but if you are finding your self worth in those likes and put out that content to feed your value, it’s a dangerous game.

Internet Friends vs. Real Friends

  • you might reject the feeling that you’re lonely because of your online support
  • but real support and virtual high fives affect us differently
  • you might be both famous AND lonely

10 Ways To Find Our Value Outside The Tiny Screen:

1. Flush your feed!

2. Let something go

3. Instead of pursuing “good content,” pursue “good experiences”

4. Define your REAL metrics for success

5. Have a social-media-free weekend!

6. Leave your headphones at home

7. Answer this before posting: “Am I posting this because I *think* I should? Or because I have something to say…?”

8. Turn off your badge notifications

9. Do something beautiful for yourself and don’t post about it

10. Check in with your 80 year old self, because she knows the big picture

Tolerating our “messiness”

  • love this quote by Carmen Fishwick: “we’ve broken ourselves into bite sized chunks. we are infinitely more than a selfie or 140 characters. if we believe that’s who we are, it becomes impossible to tolerate the complexity of ourselves and other people.”
  • our value is fragile, it’s up to us to build it back up to be strong
  • your complex self deserves to find worth outside the tiny screen!

Episode 30 – 10 Ways to Boost Your Self-Worth (Without Likes, Comments, or Followers)

Social media is a killer tool, especially when you’re using it to grow your online business and brand. But what happens when you start seeing those red notification bubbles as a measure of your self-worth?

In this ep I’m talking about what’s at risk when we allow ourselves to be measured by the arbitrary metrics (like a follower count!), specifically how it leads us to feel lonely, unsuccessful, unworthy, and depressed.

But not to worry! I’ve got 10 STRATEGIES that will help pull you away from the hypnotizing blue light and find more value and self-worth outside of the screen!



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