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Episode 29 – When Does It Get Easy? A Coffee Date with Design Expert, Promise Tangeman

After following Promise Tangeman’s design work for over 7+ years, I can’t tell you how exciting it was to have her join for an episode of You Might Not Like It!

I knew that I could listen for HOURS to Promise’s thoughts on personal branding strategies, but since she works so hard to make those resources readily available for free through her social channels, I really wanted to do something different with our time together.

Ultimately, I feel like we did just that. Through our conversations about perfectionism, productivity, creativity, mindset, and comparison, I think this episode sheds a different light on someone who we can all learn a lot from. Promise helps to burst that bubble that tells you one day you’ll feel like you’ve “made it.” The realization that that day will never come will help to keep you grounded in the present moment, thankful for every opportunity, every challenge, every milestone, without focusing on what’s 20 steps down the road.

Perfectionism vs. Speed

  • waiting to launch your website is a drain on your profitability
  • that’s why GoLive has a 5 day strategy to help websites, you guessed it, GO LIVE.
  • “it’s your digital front door, you cannot afford to wait”
  • (7:21) “you need to get your website launched ASAP because you won’t have a business if you don’t have a marketing tool”
  • (12:10) your website is never going to be perfect, it’s always changing and evolving”
  • “if you have an online business, you have to be evolving all the time”

Investing in a Personal Brand

  • (8:24) you might not NEED a fully custom site at first
  • in fact, Promise argues that you need time to get to know your business and your clients’ needs
  • Promise advocates for being not fancy, which means she encourages free fonts! DIY resources! and loves to share her knowledge using social

Working ON Your Business, not IN Your Business

Productivity Tips from Promise Tangeman

  • how Promise arranges her weekdays into different types of work, ex. “admin Monday, communication Tuesday,” etc.
  • (16:48) “I feel like I’m really effective when I can focus”
  • how her morning routine which includes journalling helps to set a mindset for the day ahead
  • references the book, “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle
  • Promise shares how she strives to make more of her decisions out of instinct vs. over-analysis

When Does It Get Easy?

  • (23:54) you never feel like you’re in the cool club, it always looks like it’s someone else
  • you never really feel like you’ve “made it”
  • if you have an online brand, you will always feel like you’re in transition
  • “we’re always innovating, we’re always growing, and we have to be, in order to be leading in our industry”
  • and lastly, I ask Promise who she compares herself with
  • we discuss how comparison is really just an illusion



Episode 29 – When Does It Get Easy? A Coffee Date with Design Expert, Promise Tangeman

Promise Tangeman is the CEO of GoLive, which helps creative small business owners launch a KILLER website that will speak straight to the soul of their ideal client. Why is it called GoLive? Because Promise is a victim of perfectionism just like 99% of her clients. If waiting until something is perfect has EVER slowed you down, you need to this episode in your life ASAP.

We’re touching on everything from:

  • WHEN to invest in professional branding for your business
  • identifying your most productive working hours
  • playing to your strengths and outsourcing your weaknesses
  • finding a balanced mindset when your day is meticulously planned and controlled

Plus, I ask Promise whether she feels like she has “made it.” Her answer will bring you peace and clarity about how comparison is really just an illusion.



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