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Episode 28 – Engagement Session Secrets

I have a feeling this will end up being the first in a loooooong line of “secrets revealed” podcast episodes. I’ve been a professional wedding and engagement photographer for 8+ years and strongly believe that when we SHARE our secrets and help others learn from our experiences, we are also speaking straight to our potential clients, and garnering their trust in the process.

Why Engagements?

  • my personal reasons for making the decision to include the engagement session with each wedding package
  • how I use the engagement session to garner respect and trust from my brides, grooms, wedding parties, and families

A Peek in My Camera Bag

  • quickly going over which 4 lenses are included in my camera bag for the engagement
  • a few notes about the settings I use most often, including how I use my macro lens to get the perfect ring shot

Preparing Clients for the Session

  • setting expectations at the beginning help to bring down those protective walls and take away the nerves
  • terminology I use when explaining my tips to clients
  • example: fidgeting is encouraged, movement vs. stillness

Posing Tips

  • reading body language and matching client’s energy
  • tips for posing women vs. men
  • strategies for working with curvier clients
  • how to get that natural looking lift shot — it’s all about the butt grab!
  • demonstrating vs. describing these poses
  • getting out of comfort zone

Shooting Tips

  • how to get the perfect ring shot using a macro lens
  • what I’m looking for when we’re walking around a location for engagement photos
  • something I’m calling “soft shadows”

And a little look at the wine bottles just before they got smashed…

Episode 28 – Engagement Session Secrets

We’re going DEEP and getting REAL when it comes to engagement sessions today. I’ve been a professional wedding and engagement photographer for 8+ years and strongly believe that there are no “secrets,” there are only unique experiences.

This episode is a hands-on guide for photographers and brides alike, going over everything from:

  • how I prepare my clients for their session
  • what terminology I use when giving posing directions
  • tips for getting natural and non-cheesy photos
  • how I break down the walls and get my clients to feel comfortable
  • what gear I use while I’m shooting
  • and how I use the engagement session to garner trust from the bride, groom, wedding party, and family members



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  1. I LOVE the episodes with tips and tricks for nourishing your photography business! Keep them coming, you’re amazing <3

    • Laura Kelly says:

      I’m so glad this episode was helpful! I’ll be sure to keep the not-so-secret secrets coming! xo



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