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Episode 06 – Live Like You’re on Vacation: A Coffee Date with Kristen Hooper

I had a very small window of opportunity for Kristen to agree to being on the podcast. Each time I mentioned recording together her shoulders went up and she quickly changed the subject. Turns out she had reservations about whether she’d have anything valuable to contribute. I reminded her that conversations with regular folk, not just self-employed boss ladies or social media influencers, were the reason I started this podcast in the first place. I longed for my inner circle to be able to listen in on each other’s coffee dates — a chance to take someone else’s words and experiences and apply them to their own lives.

She agreed at last, and that brings us to Episode 6. You’re bound to fall in love with Kristen’s kind demeanour and zest for life just like I did when we first met this past January. Together we sip over many topics including marriage, what happens once the wedding is over, how travel can impact your ability to make decisions, aspirational minimalism, and ways to declutter more than just your physical life. So happy you’ll join us!

Episode 06 – Live Like You’re on Vacation: A Coffee Date with Kristen Hooper

A one-way flight across the world, a complete culture shock, and a fork in the road… Kristen dances her way through life weaving together a story of love, romance, and enlightenment. And once her vacation is over, she finds a way to add that magic into her regular life.

As with any self-improvement strategies, it’s a work in progress. But this dreamer manages to turn up the volume on positivity, turn a bad day into a good one, and find beauty in knowing that sometimes the scariest decisions are the most pivotal to the journey of self-discovery.

Taking time to share coffee with Kristen Hooper is one of my very favourite things to do, and always results in that tingly, happy feeling of being somewhere between inspired and utterly content. I’m excited to bring a little bit of her light and positivity into the podcast — you’re in for a treat.



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