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Episode 127 – Why You’re Struggling with Setting Goals for 2021

I feel like Noah in the rain yelling “WHAT DO YOU WANT.” 

2020 brought so much uncertainty and unpredictability. In this episode I’m looking into how those two things are making it difficult to set goals and intentions in 2021. You are not alone if you’re looking at the next year and thinking, “who KNOWS what it’ll bring for my business!”


Episode 127 – Why You’re Struggling with Setting Goals for 2021

We’ll explore a few important pieces of the puzzle, including how you can create some real confidence in your ability to grow, even if 2020 didn’t feel like a slam-dunk successful year, and how you can start to think outside the box for your own potential. 

Plus, I’ve got some homework for you to do before you listen to the next episode.

EXERCISE 1: Take the time to look back on the previous year and document the progress you’ve made. Be sure to include the things you’ve learned, the challenges you’ve overcome, etc.

EXERCISE 2: Once you’re in the mindset that a year is a LONG time, I want you to think about the potential for the next year. Your progress might not be linear, but you have so much time to continue making progress. What checkboxes or goals come through when you operate only from that place of potential?

EXERCISE 3: Ask yourself how SAFE you feel about the goals on your list? Are they made from a place of abundance or scarcity? Do they truly reflect all the potential you have? Or are you playing safe here?

You’ve got this!   

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