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Episode 138 – Three Coaching Stories

Ever wonder what a life & business coach and her client talk about?

Join me for this solo episode where I share three coaching stories in hopes that you will be able to find yourself in one of them and get some free advice for what to do next.


Episode 138 – Three Coaching Stories

Allie was feeling disconnected from her content strategy, and didn’t want to add one more thing to her marketing workflow… but was it a wasted opportunity if that’s where her clients’ attention is?

Christina is in alignment for the first time in a long time, but she’s worried the feeling will go away and she’ll resort to her original mindset and behaviours! The role of self-sabotage needs to be monitored closely, so we’ve set an intention for the month ahead.

Carrie was thinking about doing a quiet launch, safe inside her email list where no one in her industry could see or judge… But why doesn’t she feel safe to share it publicly, and loudly?

I love this stream-of-consciousness style episode and how it broadly offers up a ton of little nuggets to think about this week. Make sure you stay connected with me to let me know which part resonated with you most!

Also, I’m serious… I’ll bring back the Zero to Confident workshop if there’s enough interest, so shoot me a DM if you’d be in for a $97 workshop in the next month to bust through your own confidence mindset blocks!

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