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Episode 01 – An Unusual Introduction

I scribbled notes on an airplane. Words like “motivation” and “inspiration,” “hustle” and “drive.” I wrote out all the things that I thought my podcast would offer. At the time it was just a tiny little sprout of an idea, barely any steps had been made to take it from a few cells in my brain to something tangible. Still though, it all started with a name.

When I looked at the list I felt defeated. What could I possibly have to share that doesn’t already exist? What right do I have to dream of starting this long and tedious process? And the biggest question of all: would anyone listen? These questions are important because they’re placeholders for tiny bits of fear and negativity that were taking up space in my mind. Each one represented something nasty that pushed me closer towards giving up than buckling down.

So on this paper, with words scribbled down and crossed out multiple times, I wrote 5 words in all caps.

They might not like it.

I decided in that moment that that would be okay. In fact, the longer I stared at those words, the more I realized that they meant way more than the possibility of rejection. Those words spoke to me. They reminded me…of me. Polarizing. Energetic. Bold. For the most part kind. For the rest, unapologetic. A little much, a person who doesn’t do well to blend into the background. Someone who is always learning, running on all cylinders, and chasing positivity and the magic of living purposefully.


On this first episode I give a brief introduction to the journey of creating something that pushes you so far out of your comfort zone, taking time to identify the impact of self-talk and how it relates the process of the “start.” 

One of the challenges that I think is the MOST difficult, and probably the most under-appreciated, is the start of any journey. That first moment that probably happened at 11:30 one night after a long and particularly frustrating day. The moment you opened up a blank tab and googled something that made you super nervous. For me, the search was “how to become a wedding photographer?” For you maybe it’s “how much capital do I need to start a bakery” or “how to hire your first assistant” Whatever it is that you’ve considered, toyed with, debated back and forth a hundred times, whatever it is that was the START of something new in your life, allowing yourself to dream in that moment was a massive victory.

What happens after the dream is up to you. For some, that’s where it ends. They close the tab before they even allow themselves to look much further. That negative self-talk must have some sort of radar — it always knows when you’re up to something. It always knows when you’re dreaming…

Tell me if any of these things sound familiar:

“Who am I to try and start something new when I already have a great job?”

“Maybe I should be putting this energy towards something else in my life, like my current job, my family, my health.”

“It’s going to be so much work and it already sounds exhausting.”

“Everyone else already knows how to do this, I am already so behind.”

For a lot of us the dream is the beginning and the end. Maybe it pokes its head in every once in awhile to not-so-subtly remind you that you haven’t done squat about it since last time. Maybe you start the process over again, a little extra dreaming, a little more research, two steps forward but always one step back.

In this episode I’m sharing one particular secret found amongst those who are killing it: they’re the ones who pushed away those negative thoughts and excuses, and replaced them with extreme focus.

“I deserve to take ownership of my life”

“Everyone else started from the beginning and so will I. I’ll get better at this with every hour I put into it.”

“It’s going to be a lot of work but it’s work that I’m excited to do. Work that I can actually feel good about.”

Extreme focus sounds like this:

“I deserve to explore this for me.”

This first episode is my start. It’s imperfect, but it’s real. It’s me making the choice to show up and push past the toughest part, until the next toughest part comes along. This is just the beginning for us both and I’m so thankful you’re following along.



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  1. Krista says:

    My inner voice has a mean girls voice. The worst! Appreciate your words girl. Keep ’em coming! <3

    • Laura Kelly says:

      Inner voice can be so terrible, and yet it’s also what guides us when we need it most! I am so excited to dig into that so much more. Thanks for listening to ep 1!

  2. Mel says:

    You could so be a life coach! I met you at one of your photography workshop a couple hears ago and you’ve been my girl crush since 🤩 I love how Raw you are and your first episode spoke right at me! It’s so easy to dream, maybe, just maybe one day I’ll have the nerves and guts to turn that dream into a reality, and If I do, you would have helped along the way without even knowing it! I absolutely love reading your blog and following you on instagram!

    • Laura Kelly says:

      This is incredibly kind of you to say! I am so touched that you’ve been following along for so many years <3 This idea of turning dreams into reality is my "why" for making this podcast in the first place. So glad to have you along for the ride! xo

  3. Sarah King says:

    Trust me when I say your magic dust definitely landed on a ton of people, this right here is what we all need to hear and listen to! I easily have you to thank for not only believing in me and pushing me to turn my dream into a reality; but for also allowing me to see the beauty in risks! I am so proud of you and cannot wait to follow along on this journey of yours!

    • Laura Kelly says:

      UGH <3 <3 I am so proud of you!! And if I played just the tiniest part in your own magic, I'm honoured. I can't wait to see where you go next! And you'll need to hop on an episode ASAP by the way!! xo



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