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Episode 60 – How to Get Out of a Funk

Everyone has a different recipe for their version of a “funk.” Mine is watching This Is Us and weeping into my fourth cup of coffee for the day. Maybe that’s yours too, in which case, can you believe Rebecca did that??? And isn’t Jack just the best!? (No spoilers, that’s basically the running commentary after every episode.)

Episode 60 – How to Get Out of a Funk

Well, my funk / slump / phase is over. I’m a bright and shiny person again, and I’ve learned a few things along the way. Including:

  • even slow progress is still progress
  • rest might be exact what you need to prepare for the next “level up”
  • you can have support but still not be supported in the exact way you need
  • and that even naturally driven folks like myself can still benefit from having someone to push them even further

Enjoy this reflective update episode and then take a tour around the new website that I’ve worked really hard on over the last couple weeks:

ANDDDD, I’m buying a month’s worth of coffee for one (probably two) listener(s) this week, so please take a few moments to fill out this survey for a chance to win $50 at Starbucks, while also helping me to shape and create the next coaching program which will be launching in January of 2020. You’re the BEST and I appreciate your feedback more than you know!

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