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Episode 92 – Start Before You’re Ready

You’re not ready. 
You don’t know enough. 
It won’t work this time.
Someone else is more prepared to do it better.
Wait until you have your ducks in a row. 
This is not the right time to start something.

Sound familiar?

These are the negative thoughts that keep us from growing, keep us from STARTING something that we are SO ready for! We tell ourselves it’s not the time, or that we aren’t ready to take it on — but what if discomfort is actually a barometer for growth?


Episode 92 – Start Before You’re Ready

Join me for this uplifting episode which features my personal struggles with feeling “ready” and “able” to take on something new. You are more ready than you know, TODAY, with exactly what you have at this exact moment. 

Further Work From This Episode:

Once you’ve listened to today’s episode, you can use this exercise below to help you identify some of the blocks that have been stopping you from getting started.

Q. 1

What is your emotional state after listening to this episode? Are you calm and comforted? Or are you feeling anxious about what’s ahead? Eager to get started?

Q. 2

What’s the big juicy goal you’re wanting to accomplish? (Example: I want to start a side hustle! I want to create my first offering! I want to permeate a new market for my existing business!)

Q. 3

What is your inner dialogue telling you to convince you that you’re NOT ready? List as many as you can.
Example: others know more, you’re not formally trained
Example: you only just started
Example: you’re already so busy.

Q. 4

If you could replace those sentiments with more helpful, self-serving, productive thoughts, what would they sounds like?
Example: I know enough to have impact over at least one person
Example: I will get better with each week, month, year
Example: I never promised that I would be perfect. My audience / clients don’t expect perfection from me.

Q. 5

Decide to make the positive sentiments louder than the negative. You are in control and can change the way those thoughts affect your behaviour. Make a graphic and set it as your lock screen on your phone, or put a reminder that pops up throughout the day to remind you that you are ready. That you are enough. That you are capable.

Q. 6

What are you finally ready to try? What can you commit to TODAY to offer?

Q. 7

What are you ready to say yes to?

If you need more of this kind of self development work in your life, I would be THRILLED to continue our conversation one-on-one. Find out more about my coaching program here!

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  2. Deborah says:

    Good morning Laura – thanks for being brave enough to put yourself out here, after listening to this podcast, I have a renewed sense that I will actually be able to get myself sorted out again.
    I’m a 65 1/5 yr old female trying to figure out my next life path – “retirement?”

    I came to your podcast via The Happy Ever Crafter.
    Your words reminded me of my many life path journey choices to date and what it took to get here was that ‘simple’ step to just pick and go.
    If it doesn’t work out, it’s not the end of the world. Just need to pick again.
    So today, that is what I’m doing. I’m throwing all the choices I have brain stormed over the past few months into a bowl, I’m going to to pick and go….



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