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Episode 164 – CHEER CAMP Stories with Tanya Lupinski

“I believe when you stay close to the flame of whatever you want, it’s easier to stay motivated. I didn’t have that around me at the time, so I needed to go out and find it.” 

I’m so excited to dig up an interview with one of the original CHEER CAMP members, Tanya Lupinski, that we recorded right when that first program ended. Tanya works for the government full time, and is raising two beautiful girls with all of the confidence and self-worth that she is only now starting to fully embody in her 30s. 


“I thought I was the most self-aware person I’ve ever met, to be honest. I had all the stories, I knew all the things. CHEER CAMP was the only community that I’ve been in that gave me internal things to look at month after month. I started doing the work and I realized “Oh! That’s not why I’m the way I am! There’s a deeper thing here, there’s a deeper thing there…” I firmly believe in owning your story, and I think I was owning the same story I started telling myself when I was 15. That was the perspective of a child! That’s not the story anymore, and it’s certainly not all of the story.”

I think you’ll love this conversation about prioritizing your happiness and staying open to the possibility of lasting inner change. 

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