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Episode 178 – Are You Marketing Your Business with a Whisper?

I felt really defeated that I wasn’t getting the traction needed to grow my business to the next level. I felt like I had done all the things (email marketing, fb ads, the podcast, a powerful new quiz, a refreshed website, a new lead magnet, updated welcome sequence, etc.) and I still wasn’t getting anywhere with it. 

Here’s what I wrote in my journal that day:

I feel like I made this beautiful quiz and can’t get new people to take it. 
I feel like I made this incredible community and I can’t get people into it. 
I feel like I made this amazing new website and no one is seeing it. 
I feel like the only way my message is spread is when I pay for boosted content. 
I feel like the only people who hire me as their coach are the ones who know me personally. 

I hung out in the pity-party zone for a bit before realizing that I had been marketing my business with a whisper, when what I really needed to do was build a stage and grab a mic. 

This episode is sure to offer some reflection on your own marketing style, perhaps revealing an excuse or two that are keeping you quiet when what you know you need to do is get loud. This ep is all about leaving your comfort zone and shaking things up. 

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