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Episode 179 – You’re STILL Resisting Using Video to Market Your Business?!

I have fallen in love with Shana Yurko’s practical and approachable system to start using video in your business marketing. It’s causing me to reevaluate all that’s been holding me back from leveraging this powerful tool (and btw, I think this episode might give you the itch to start doing the same…)

Shana’s not going to let you off the hook with your dusty old excuses for why you’re not showing up to market your business using video. It’s no accident that this episode was the very FIRST episode I’ve ever recorded video from — it’s contagious! Even just being in her orbit makes me feel empowered to expand my video comfort zone!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • a wake up call on whatever excuses are keeping you from getting started with video
  • some encouraging words for the part of you that feels so terrified to show up in this vulnerable way on camera 
  • how different social strategies or platforms work for different types of businesses (i.e. reels vs. tiktoks!)

Ready to take this podcast episode to the NEXT LEVEL?

Shana and I are hosting a joint workshop called “Show Up” on February 10th, 2023! 

We’re looking to dig in with a small group of really serious participants who are ready to figure out EXACTLY what’s stopping them from leveraging video marketing in their businesses, and start down the path to changing that story. This is a paid experience ($37 USD per ticket) because we’re looking to deliver something way deeper than a free training. 

We’re so excited to be putting this together for you and can’t wait to help you SHOW UP in 2023, starting with this workshop! 


Connect with Shana Yurko:

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