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Episode 97 – Things I Wish Every Bride Knew Before Her Wedding

This one has been a LONG. TIME. COMING! 

I’m joined by my real life BFF, who happens to be a former #LauraKellyBride for this conversational episode about alllll the things we have learned about weddings. 

Episode 97 – Things I Wish Every Bride Knew Before Her Wedding

Brittany Dinardo has been a Maid of Honour / Bridesmaid (a few times over!), has a vivid and detailed memory of her own wedding experience as a Bride, and has gotten to see the wedding industry from the inside through our friendship over the last 8 years. 

We are working our way through the whole wedding experience, starting with the proposal and ending with the wedding album delivery — spitting tips, nuggets of truth, and some serious insights for you to “have your second wedding first.” 

Pairs well with wine & sweatpants! Enjoy!! xo

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