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Episode 08 – Confidence, Comparison, and The Magic of Showing Up: A Fire Chat with Chantsy

Who records their very first meeting? Laura Kelly and Chantsy, that’s who. Up until 6 minutes before we hit record, we had only ever interacted through our phone screens. But for two people who share a LOT of their lives on social media, it’s very possible to form a real friendship without ever meeting in person! During this coffee date with social media influencer, Chantal Sarkisian AKA Chantsy, I realized that being real in your quest to build a person brand is more important than ever. We slipped out of each other’s phones and into the chairs across the table so effortlessly and seamlessly, largely because the people we portray through our networks are a true picture of ourselves.

I’ve been very excited to record this episode ever since Chantsy sent me a pitch for a really unique topic, “going there,” as she calls it, on a subject that many don’t seem to want to discuss: comparison and the tendency to dislike successful women who are killing it in the industry. That talk leads us into a conversation about what it means to find confidence in your late twenties / early thirties, and how that belief in yourself helps to dissolve those nasty, negative feelings of competition.

This ep is both a kick in the business pants and a warm hug for your heart, if you can believe it. I can’t wait to see how this chat lights you up from the inside out. Enjoy!! xo

Episode 08 – Confidence, Comparison, and The Magic of Showing Up: A Fire Chat with Chantsy

If being “real” is a 2018 buzzword, Chantsy is the real deal. None of this “perfectly real” bullshit, this girl cuts right to the heart of what it means to be authentic, sharing her vulnerabilities, her imperfections, and her struggles with shopping in a skinny girl’s world. Maybe you know her, maybe you don’t, but after this episode you’ll be one step closer to being able to answer the question, “how does she fit it all in?!”

It was such a pleasure to share coffee with Chantal Sarkisian, AKA Chantsy, curvy fashion blogger and social media influencer in Ottawa, Canada. Together we hash out everything from how to manage the business side of being an influencer, how to avoid the inevitable comparison that comes from living in a social media world, and how to find confidence in all the beautiful things that each of us unique. Chantsy claims she’s not the most creative person in the biz, but she makes up for it with constant determination and the consistency of showing up and loving the journey.

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