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Episode 09 – How to be an Asshole in 3 Minutes or Less

I recorded this episode after a night of drinking at my husband’s work Christmas party. My voice is rough and groggy and I secretly wish it stayed like that all the time. Guess I’ll pour myself another vodka soda and do it in the name of podcast homework…

Episode 09 – How to be an Asshole in 3 Minutes or Less

I refer to this as the worst introduction I’ve ever received. It was comprised of a not-so-humble brag fest with a side order of passive aggressive jabs, and it came from a total stranger and in under 3 minutes. Like a slow motion bullet it just kept coming and coming until I found myself bleeding out and wondering how I even got here in the first place.

I call her Karen, but I don’t really know her name. It didn’t come up as she tried to sell me on her lifestyle and success while kicking me in the gut with a polite smile and chipper attitude. There’s a lesson in here, folks, and it’s not *just* how to avoid being an asshole in the first 3 minutes of meeting someone. It’s about getting in touch with the inner self, the part of you that deems you worthy enough to not constantly seek praise and approval from others.

It’s essentially a continuation on “Episode 07 – We’re All Just a Bunch of Socially Paranoid Freaks”, and if you’re Karen, you might not like it.



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  1. Krista says:

    How amazing would it be to start your own Arbonne Team and destroy her in the rankings?!



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