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Episode 10 – This One’s for You if You Feel Like You’re Not Growing FAST Enough


I promised myself I would celebrate small victories in Episode 5 and I’m holding myself to it. Double digits, friends, and it’s a great day to feel GOOD about hard work! I am so proud of the 10 episodes that are available — so much good content for the heart and the brain and all of the things in between that make you who you are. I’ve been blessed to speak with some very inspiring folks who have sparked something in my heart and hopefully in yours too!

In light of this small victory, a mini episode that is designed as a love note for your soul. If you’re finding yourself just a little too frustrated with how SLOOOOOWLY your progress seems to be piling up, this one’s for you. If you tell yourself that you’re “behind” and will “never catch up…” this one’s for you.

Episode 10 – This One’s for You if You Feel Like You’re Not Growing FAST Enough

This mini episode is a love note to your soul if you ever feel frustrated that you’re not growing fast enough. You’re not alone.

It’s the part of your brain that tells you you’ll never catch up, that other people have momentum and you’re just plugging away at a snail’s pace. But that part of you is also what makes you HUSTLE, what keeps you pushing forward. That part of your brain needs to be fed and it’s craving jealousy and comparison, making you question whether you’ve made any progress at all.

You have the power to instead feed it with constant reminders that you’re in the right place, right now. That you’re doing enough. That every step is one step closer to your goal. And the best part of all, this whole illusion of being “behind,” is just that: an illusion.



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