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Episode 48 – You Won’t Hear Me Complaining

Complaining doesn’t fix your problem. In fact, it takes just as much energy to stay in that state of agony over whatever it is you’re complaining about, as it does to put a positive spin on it.

Glorification of “Busy”

  • the word hustle has taken on a new meaning, where we glorify the people who claim they are too busy for social lives, or to eat properly or get a full night’s sleep
  • when we are overworked our bodies produce a physical reaction to protect us from the pressure
  • listen to another episode about rest vs. stress here

Complaining Doesn’t Fix Your Problems:

  • it takes effort to stay in the zone of agony around whatever it is you’re complaining about
  • “your vibe attracts your tribe”
  • you’re only entitled to what you demand for yourself
  • the world doesn’t owe you anything unless you create boundaries for yourself


  • if you feel overwhelmed, you probably took on too much
  • when you take responsibility for what’s on your plate, it becomes an opportunity for you to re-evaluate what made the problem in the first place
  • it is your responsibility to create balance in your life
  • to add something, you must first let something go

A Few Suggestions for More Balance & Less Complaining:

  • set a new boundary, ex. only 3 appointments per week, or 1 day with no out-of-office obligations so you can focus on your desk work
  • get caught up! this is the toughest one but it makes a huge difference
  • stop BEFORE perfection, 9.5 out of 10 is almost always enough for your clients!
  • evaluate the expectations that are put upon you — where can you communicate more clearly with your clients?
  • take care of yourself so you can take care of others

Episode 48 – You Won’t Hear Me Complaining

In this ep I’m offering a few tips for setting boundaries in your life so that you can move past your biggest daily stressors and be more optimistic!



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