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Episode 49 – F*CK the Diet & Heal Your Relationship with Food

“When I started to approach my emotional eating with curiosity instead of judgement and shame, I was finally able to transform my relationship with food.”

Approaching a Healthy Relationship with Food:

  • “what can your emotional eating teach you”
  • Ellen didn’t want to be just another health and wellness account, so through her Instagram, @thegoodyolk, she helps to explore HOW her followers feel about what they eat and approach food
  • the goal should be to find joy and balance
  • intuitive eating is a set of tools instead of a set of rules
  • a one-size fits all cannot possibly serve us all when it comes to health and nutrition 

Intuitive Eating:

  • we all have our own innate wisdom of what feels good, what we enjoy eating, and intuitive eating coaches believe we lose sight of our intuitive wisdom because of our diet culture
  • “a coming home to yourself”
  • we get information from our bodies but we’ve been told not to trust ourselves

The Diet Cycle & Diet Culture”

  • we use diets as a bandaid to something greater, but the diet can’t fix it
  • when the diet doesn’t give us what we wanted, we quit and it feels like failure
  • “the system of beliefs that values weight, body shape, and body size over well-being.” diet culture teaches you that your worth is tied up in your physical appearance
  • equates thinness with health
  • equates eating for weight loss as eating for health
  • it doesn’t have to be so black and white, but in diet culture you’re either on or off the diet, compliant of the diet or “cheating”

Ellen Kaross from The Good Yolk:

  • Ellen’s mission is to take the GUILT and SHAME out of food and dieting and help people find joy and balance through intuitive eating, self-care, and self-love.
  • no before and after photos, this is intentionally
  • working with clients who have a history of yo-yo diets, helping them with the emotional toll and the physical toll that takes on the body
  • anti-diet, but not anti-health
  • works with 3 types of clients: emotional eaters, people who are patrolled by the “food police” and have a lot of off-limits foods, and long term dieters who feel disconnected from their intuition or innate wisdom

Connect with Ellen:

Episode 49 – F*CK the Diet & Heal Your Relationship with Food

Blessed to be throwing around terms like intuitive eating, diet culture, and shame spiralling with Ellen Kaross, the “non-diet nutritionist” from The Good Yolk. This is one of the most unique episodes of YMNLI, and I am STOKED to bring this incredible discussion your way! xo



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