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Episode 43 – Instagram is Your Business Card — What Do You Want It to Say?

Irina is one of those people who makes you wonder, “where do you get the energy?!”

She’s living the Canadian dream and making big moves as a realtor in Ottawa under Blue Panda Realty. In this episode we get really specific about the tools required to use social media as a BUSINESS CARD, not a fluffy and superfluous addition to an already thriving business.

Social Media and Real Estate

  • it’s not just about the properties
  • Irina considers it her job to connect the dots for her clients about all the other things that go into the experience
  • social media is all about providing value
  • why Irina uses a hybrid account to share both her personal and business life
  • different uses for feed vs. stories

Providing Value for Followers:

  • could be key information about your specific industry or area of knowledge (for Irina, insight about the real estate market or property value)
  • could be to make them smile or to entertain
  • could be to form trust
  • could be to motivate others

Instagram as a Business Card:

  • viewers have 3-5 seconds to make an impression of what it is that you can offer
  • your most recent 12 photos at any given time need to be strategic
  • Irina and I go through an exercise to curate our biggest social media messages

Tips for Self-Motivation

  • sometimes it’s just “within you” but if it isn’t, you can train it
  • if you’re not a motivated person, you haven’t found the right motivation yet
  • is it money you’re after? helping others?
  • are you motivated by success? in which case you need to identify what that looks like

Connect with Irina:


Episode 43 – Instagram is Your Business Card — What Do You Want It to Say? With Realtor Irina Popova

It’s not enough to put up a picture of a property with a red banner saying “SOLD.”

No one knows that more than Irina Popova, real estate broker for Blue Panda Realty in Ottawa. I was immediately drawn to how Irina weaves together her business and personal life on social media to provide value for her clients and promote her lifestyle brand.

On this episode we’re taking about using the tools we use to communicate to our clients that our offering is SO much more than what they might think (in our cases, real estate sales and wedding photography).

PLUS, I explain a social media exercise that changed the way I used social media for my business and you should absolutely spend the 3 minutes to do it for yours. xo!



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