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Episode 32 – Jacquie K Wants You To Own Your Magic & Embrace Your Imperfections

If she were an eyeshadow colour, it would be a metallic shimmery gold explosion of GORGEOUS. Still have questions? Okay, well here’s what you can expect to hear in this ep with the beautiful Jacquie K!

The Path to Personal Branding

  • redirecting her life between pursuits of law school and a career in makeup artistry
  • a belief that the creative world was calling to her
  • people buy from people, not from companies — personal branding needed to be strong to compete in this environment!
  • “I wanted to have a personal connection with every single person who buys from me”
  • sharing more of herself online lead to more engagement
  • admitting her flaws and imperfections made her more approachable as an online brand


  • everyone has a different relationship with comparison
  • “I want people to remember at the end of the day that my feed is a highlight reel”
  • the desire to carve her own path, vs. hopping on existing success stories
  • “I knew that my own success relied on me”

An Education in Marketing

  • Jacquie poured herself into researching marketing and SEO and would spend hours every single day learning in this field
  • sharing tips for becoming well known without relying on others to spread the word
  • marketing does become natural, especially as it becomes a science

Jacquie’s Tips for Marketing Workflow

  • mention of a scheduling app called Tailwind, used specifically for Pinterest content
  • writing copy that is SEO-friendly
  • tips for creating organic Pinterest content
  • directing customers to both the blog and to the Jacquie Cosmetics website
  • outsourcing everything that isn’t a direct skill, talent, or passion

What Makes You Different

  • also means identifying your ideal client and how that CLIENT is different
  • Jacquie’s explains her ideal client
  • Jacquie’s values on quality as they relate to owning a product line
  • how do you know when it’s time to scale?

Owning Your Imperfections

  • “I do what I do for all the humans that sit in my chair & apologize for their “imperfections.”
  • “I do not accept complaints in my chair” because there is no need to apologize for who we are as women
  • Jacquie shares about her own issues with self-image, specifically as a teen with skin issues
  • how to not let your perfections hold you back
  • “we are so much more than complaining about the things we don’t like about yourselves”

The Power of Manifestation

  • it’s more than just a mindset, Jacquie takes time to learn about manifestation techniques
  • Jacquie shares examples of what she has manifested into her life and business
  • she sees her lack of patience as a strength and isn’t afraid to use it
  • visualization in a totally new and creative way

Links to Notable Mentions from this Episode:

Tim Ferriss “The 4 Hour Work Week”
Manifestation Babe on Instagram
Tailwind for scheduling Pinterest content

“Believe in your own ability before seeking validation from anyone else”



Episode 32 – Jacquie K Wants You To Own Your Magic & Embrace Your Imperfections

Is it too much to ask that every customer also has a personal connection to the brand? Jacquie doesn’t think so, and I dare you to listen to this episode and then second guess whether she’s going to take over the entire world…

This is an all-time favourite episode because it speaks right to the heart of anyone with a big dream and a go-getter attitude. I have pulled so much inspiration from Jacquie K’s perspective on everything from personal branding, to comparison, to continuing to seek out education long after you become an “expert,” and owning your imperfections in a way that pushes you forward instead of holding you back.

If I could describe her in one single emoji, it would be a lighting bolt. It is a true gift that her insight can be shared in this format, and it brings me peace knowing you will be truly empowered after listening.



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