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Monday Mail is OUT, Best Friend Updates are IN!

I am so bad at rules. Even when I make them…

I used to tell my email list that they’d hear from me every Monday, but I started to resent my own schedule. In the name of leaning into what fires you up, I’m rebranding my inbox to “Best Friend Updates.”

    Best Friend Updates may include, but are not limited to: the latest scandalous story that’s consuming my late-night attention, the new podcast ep I’m working on, a behind the scenes view at what I’m building for my business, and a positive mindset shift to bring to your week. 

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      My specialty is helping you to rediscover your passion — what drives you, what makes you come alive — and helping you ignite that spark of power, motivation, and vibrancy in your life. 

      I've needed MANY pep talks over the years to keep chugging along at building my dream, and now I have the privilege of being able to dole out that kind of support for other dreamers like you!

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      Emails you'll actually read,
      that feel like you're catching up with a friend.

      I send emails when I have a story to tell, an offering to share, or a breakthrough on my mindset that feels too good not to share.

      I'm inviting you in, so drop your details below & welcome!