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Episode 22 – From Big to Bite Sized: Change Your Life and Accomplish Your Goals with Kristine Aletha

This recording was such a pleasure! Kristine is my very first international guest, which is perfectly fitting since we met each other 6 years ago at a conference in North Carolina! Connecting with her via Skype for this recording made it possible for us to chat about such an incredible topic that’s close to both of our hearts: the idea that fear holds us back from achieving our wildest dreams. I love Kristine’s perspective on goal setting and breaking things down into small and manageable pieces. I KNOW you’ll enjoy this episode!

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Uncovering a Need for Change

  • sharing our experiences at a conference that pushed us towards living a life with more purpose
  • needing a change in relationships, both marital and friendship
  • pursuing motherhood and other dreams are not mutually exclusive, they’re actually complimentary
  • power of community in sharing our stories

Identifying Fears and Limiting Beliefs

  • “the funny thing about fear is that it feels big and all encompassing when you’re faced with it, but once you make that leap and you move forward you hardly remember what the big deal was about”
  • understanding WHY fear exists and how it’s meant to help us
  • paying attention to fear WITHOUT dwelling on failure and inadequacy
  • getting quiet
  • writing and journaling
  • using self-affirmations to show ourselves compassion

Fear of Success

  • sounds like it couldn’t be a real thing, but it’s something many of us struggle with!
  • the idea that success will change the way others view you
  • how that leads to self-sabotage

Finding Comfort in Discomfort

  • our brains are malleable, we can change how we’re wired
  • we want to stay where it’s comfortable, but usually what’s waiting for us in the discomfort is growth and progress
  • visualization might be difficult, but it’s a great tool to familiarize yourself with your goals

Changing Your Life in 5 Years

  • Kristine’s history with goal setting
  • “you can never separate the good from the bad, the planned from the messy, the success from the failure, it all comes together in one package”
  • working backwards from a 5 year goal

Acceptance, Change, & Perfection

  • you cannot change your life until you get to a place where you accept that you are worthy of the change
  • superficial change will never stick, it comes from the inside
  • valuing yourself will allow you to push through the discomfort

A Look At Life Coaching

  • the stigma about mental health and asking for help
  • we are not actually meant to do this on our own
  • Kristine outlines what the process actually looks like for having someone to support your goals and progress
  • “from big to bite sized,” and this idea of breaking down big goals into small and doable actions
  • finding motivation and the WHY

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Episode 22 – From Big to Bite Sized: Change Your Life and Accomplish Your Goals with Kristine Aletha

Kristine Aletha is a certified life coach with over 15 years of experience in mental health. We had the privilege of meeting at a life changing conference back in 2013 called Making Things Happen. Since then, we’ve both been on a journey to accomplish our big, scary, bold dreams while growing our families and tending to our businesses.

In this episode we’re talking about REAL and PRACTICAL steps to break free from the fears that hold us back, accepting ourselves as we are while making changes that get us closer to our goals. It sounds like a lot to jam into one hour, but Kristine demonstrates how BIG changes can be broken down into bite-sized pieces.

“Your thoughts drive your feelings, which drive your actions.” This episode is a gift that you can give to yourself if you’ve ever let fear hold you back from pursuing a big goal. It IS possible to change your life — and it starts from the inside.



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