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Episode 23 – Stop Flailing Around On the Internet & Use A TENDING List!

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

You LOVE your work and get ULTRA-focused on one specific task for your small business and go down the rabbit-hole of wasted time…

Do you totally forget about Pinterest for 6 months and then panic and pin ALL the things over the next 12-48 hours?

In this episode I’m bringing attention to my natural state of being a batch work junkie who learned to accomplish tasks in small, purposeful, and consistent ways.

What is a TENDING List?

  • learned about this from Lara Casey, creator of the Making Things Happen Conference
  • a list of small tasks that require daily or at least regular attention
  • saves you from massive overhauls and marathons spent in one field

Batch Working vs. Tending

  • daily or regular attention in different areas for each body of work or project
  • my tending list:
  • your tending list should be ambitious!
  • batch work is great for blog writing, but it’s not ideal for a platform like Instagram, where regular content will trump batch content any day’
  • work is less daunting when it’s in small pieces

My Tips for Productivity Boosting

  • using a timer for social media activity
  • calendar reminders for occasional tasks like bookkeeping anything seasonal related
  • get rid of distractions in the form of phone notifications, open tabs while you’re working, or physical clutter
  • work with a tending list beside you and don’t recreate the wheel with each task
  • become a master of the start, just dive into your first to-do list item without hesitation

Little Steps to Go Above And Beyond

  • a hustler will ALWAYS win, because they go the extra mile
  • the person who shows up consistently, intentionally, and strategically to every aspect of their business will ALWAYS win


Episode 23 – Stop Flailing Around On the Internet & Use A TENDING List!

“SHIT. I forgot about Pinterest. Time to spend 12 hours re-organizing and re-arranging everything and be a master pinning marketing machine and make ten thousand dollars this month…”

Sound familiar? I am a self-proclaimed batch work junkie. I get stuck in the rabbit hole and spend WAY too much time working ultra-focused but without a plan. But everything we know about social media marketing tells us that consistent behaviour trumps content “dumps” a million times over. So I’ve started implementing a tending list, a list of small tasks that require daily or at least regular attention, to save me from the dreaded hit-it-and-quit-it workflow that comes to me naturally.

Take those thumbs and put them to use STRATEGICALLY, folks. A tending list might be just the thing you need to get better traction in your business so that you have more time to spend working on your craft.



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