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Episode 24 – 30 Days in 30 Seconds: Not As Impressive As Claymation

In case you are NEW to 30 Days of Ryan Kelly, let’s get you up to speed in under 15 seconds — I’ve tasked my husband, Ryan Kelly, a chronic dabbler who doesn’t really have anything that he’s SUPER passionate about, with a new challenge every single month — a task he MUST perform on a regular basis, however we intend it, and report back to us with his findings.

So 30 days ago, we recapped a meditation challenge and introduced the one second every day challenge, where Ryan Kelly would use an app to capture one second of video footage every day for 30 days. On this episode we’re going to find out how it went, what he learned, and what he plans on taking with him (if anything!) into his regular life.

Check out the finished product using the “One Second Every Day” app!

And see why it reminds me of this scene from Parks & Rec…

Episode 24 – 30 Days in 30 Seconds: Not As Impressive As Claymation

Perseverance. Dedication. Strength.

These are the qualities that best describe a Senior Accounting Manager who bravely set out to use the free app called “One Second Every Day” to document his ordinary life. Was it simply a series of spreadsheets and coffee cups? Or did Ryan Kelly seize the opportunity and discover that his life, in fact, was full of beauty and meaning…?

It’s probably somewhere between those two extremes.

PLUS – as another 30 day challenge ends, another begins and this time there’s a pop culture QUIZ involved! Join us and test your skills on everything from bizarre celebrity kids names to Real Housewives franchises. This is gonna get messy.



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