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Episode 36 – “Is it Coffee? And is it Cool?” The Importance of a Brand Philosophy with Andy Bassett of Little Victories Coffee

The Little Victories café in Ottawa has a special place in the heart of this podcast. Over many cappuccinos, the words to the first four episodes were written. It was the spot certain bold ideas were turned into actions after consulting with some incredibly talented friends. So to now have Andy Bassett, co-owner of Little Victories Coffee join me for an episode of the podcast — it feels like everything is coming full circle.

Here’s what you can expect to hear in this super inspiring episode about the importance of quality and hustle:

Brand Building

  • understanding the mission of your company — philosophy / mission, any term you like to call it
  • in this case, “a specialist coffee experience”
  • understanding the market and anticipating their needs
  • wholesale vs. retail

Strategies for a Successful Launch

  • a testament of good timing
  • building hype prior to the opening
  • the power of social presence
  • Andy shares his strategies for making connections in the community

Work / Life Balance

  • does it exist in the first few years of a business opening?
  • how does it change over time
  • scaling the business and relinquishing control
  • staying humble as you become more success

Find Out More About Little Victories Coffee:


Episode 36 – “Is it Coffee? And is it Cool?” The Importance of a Brand Philosophy with Andy Bassett of Little Victories Coffee

Everyone sorta thinks they’d have what it takes to run a super trendy and successful café, but do they really? I’m hanging out with Andy Basset, one half of the powerhouse brand: Little Victories Coffee. The dude is 23 years old and yet he’s been able to team up with the right people to create a “coffee lover’s paradise” that’s still as busy today as it was on their grand opening.

We go deep on the challenges of creating a specialty product, a retail space, and a wholesale business that’s seriously destined for a global takeover. But through it all, we’re talking about what it means to stay humble, keep the hunger, and never get lazy.

A few extra things to expect from this episode:

  • secrets for a successful launch
  • tips for building community within your business
  • how to get into the customer’s routine
  • work / life balance in the early does — does it exist?
  • relinquishing control in order to grow



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