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Episode 35 – Getting Shit Done with Actress Stephanie Koenig

Creating this episode with actress Stephanie Koenig has been such a wild ride. It all started when my husband and I discovered her on a webseries on Youtube. I took a chance and sent her a DM asking if she would be willing to record an episode together. I honestly could not believe she agreed, and I’m so excited to deliver this content today — it’s relatable to every industry because we’re toughing on hugely relatable subjects like the cycle of stress and anxiety that happens when you create something and put it out there to be seen and judged.

I am obsessed with Stephanie’s mindset when it comes to staying hungry and working on your craft (at LEAST for one hour a day!) You need this episode ASAP if you’ve ever dreamed of making something but fallen into the trap of perfectionism, and listened to that voice that tells you you shouldn’t even try…

The Cycle of Content Creation Anxiety:

  • the cycle includes everything from excitement, to nerves, fear of rejection, anxiety about publishing, elation that it’s done, and fulfillment once it’s out there
  • that fulfillment leads you to start the whole process over again
  • using different platforms for different uses (Youtube vs. Instagram)
  • perfectionism vs. speed when it comes to creating and getting it done

Stephanie’s Story of Moving to LA to Pursue Acting:

  • moving to a new place, making new connections
  • finding your people
  • likeminded group will enhance your talent

A Shift in Media and Entertainment:

  • Stephanie doesn’t fit into a box of a Youtuber, not is she using Instagram to grow a personal brand
  • instead, she is using these platforms to showcase her work and her talent
  • ultimately with the goal of getting to the big screen
  • networks used to determine what we watched, but now with these free platforms, the viewer is choosing where to put their attention
  • anyone can create something and get it seen if it’s good enough, so how does that impact an actor?

The cast of The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo:

Staying Hungry:

  • (12:14) “It’s just following what feels right, and following what you love, and working every day at it. Once you find the thing that you love you can’t get lazy about it.”
  • working on your craft at LEAST 1 hour per day
  • finding that time amidst a busy schedule to be working towards your larger vision for your life

Go Ahead and Binge Watch Everything Now, k?

Seriously. Ryan and I basically didn’t exist to the world for 3 hours straight while we devoured everything in Stephanie and Brian’s Youtube channels after the day of discovery. Here are a few key links where you can watch:

Stupid Idiots:
The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo:
Stephanie Koenig on Youtube:
Brian Jordan Alvarez on Youtube:

Episode 35 – Getting Shit Done with Actress Stephanie Koenig

We used to let the big networks tell us what to watch. At 7:00pm we watched this, at 8:00pm, that. They told us when to laugh and what should make us feel sad or stressed out. But welcome to 2019, where with platforms like Youtube and Instagram there’s no limit to what can be created and shared on a massive scale. So what effect does that have on a creator, when it’s no longer the networks who evaluate your worth, but the viewer?

I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Stephanie Koenig, an actress living in LA who uses these platforms to make people laugh while she works her way to the big screen. This episode is proof that as long as you’re consistently connecting to your big picture goals, even just 1 hour a day is enough to make that shit happen.



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