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Episode 108 – How to Pitch a Podcast

I get more than 10 pitches to my podcast every single week, so it’s safe to say I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks for getting your pitch to stand out in someone’s inbox!

In this episode I’m walking you through the steps to pitch yourself as a guest on a podcast, highlighting your value while striking that perfect balance of compliments and confidence. Be warned: we’re playing the long game, this isn’t an episode about how to pitch 60 podcasts in a single night with a bottle of wine — this is foreplay city, folks. So be ready to dive WAY in.


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I’ve created a “Pitch a Podcast Email Script” so you can use the tips from today’s episode to draft your own unique pitch for your fave podcast!

    Why Pitch a Podcast?

    • being a guest on a podcast is an incredible way to expand your audience!
    • every time you show up and TALK about the topic you want you and your business to be associated with, the better
    • the tips you’ll find here are NOT designed to mass email 60 people at once, or find yourself as a guest on 2-3 podcasts per week
    • instead, I’m going to show you how to play the long game, taking more time and more effort, pitching fewer shows, but in a way that really speaks to the value you can add

    The Pitch Matters

    • podcasters get dozens of pitches per week, or more!!
    • to make yours stand out, your writing needs to really convey your energy, your passion, and your willingness to put in the work
    • no podcast host wants to book a guest that will half-ass the marketing of their episode, or focus more on selling an expensive product or service rather than giving real value
    • my overall advice is you will get a better result if you take the time to thoughtfully apply to 6-10 shows vs. send 60 pitches to shows that don’t necessarily align with your preferred topic or listenership
    • “go the extra mile, for it is never crowded…”

    What’s Your Goal As A Guest?

    • there’s massive value in spreading your message, but there’s more to it than that!
    • YES, you want to get people into your sphere to be able to sell to them later on, but you also want to connect your voice to the topic of your episode, building expert-status
    • experience is valuable — the more you talk, the more you’ll be asked to speak
    • content building is super important, and having a diverse collection of media that your followers can consume puts you ahead of the game

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    Episode 108 – How to Pitch a Podcast

    Ready for some real tips to create the perfect pitch for your fave podcast? I’ve got you covered!

    PITCH A PODCAST TIP: Use The Right Name

    • never show up with a “dear sir/madam” email — get it together!
    • use the host’s real name (first name only), not the name of the show
    • example: I don’t love it when I get an email that says “Dear You Might Not Like It…”

    PITCH A PODCAST TIP: Don’t Use Weird Subject Line Tactics 

    • don’t use any weird tactics in the subject line, like including the “Re:” even though it’s your first email in the thread…
    • similarly, don’t use “Your Next Podcast Guest” — it’s weird
    • a better subject line might be, “finally connecting with you!”
    • or “I’ve got a pitch for [show name!]”
    • or “Hoping to add value to your audience”
    • or “I’d love to be considered for your podcast!”

    PITCH A PODCAST TIP: Play The Long Game

    • before you pitch, follow and engage with the host on instagram
    • get into the main DM box BEFORE you pitch, by commenting on one of their stories, answering one of their questions, giving them a compliment, etc.
    • note: if their following is over 250k, you’re probably better off with an email, but try a DM first!
    • you’re playing the long game here, building connection to boost the quality of your pitch
    • if you send a DM and don’t hear back same day, send the same message in an email (and don’t mention that you already send it on insta, that makes it seem like you’re annoyed they didn’t reply)

    PITCH A PODCAST TIP: Listen To A Full Episode!

    • when you listen to the episode, you’ll be able to understand the tone
    • that way you can ensure you’re using the right terminology in your pitch
    • example: the difference between an “interview” and a “conversation” seems small, but it matters in your pitch to use the right one
    • if you can figure out the tone of the show, you can write with it in your pitch

    PITCH A PODCAST TIP: Try To Find A Real Connection

    • example: “I know [so-and-so] from your show!”
    • anchoring yourself to someone else that was on the show or connected to the host socially will automatically “place you”
    • find a connection by looking at their past guests, or by seeing who you know you follows them already on instagram
    • it’s a small world, chances are if you’re checking out their podcast, you can scrounge together something!

    PITCH A PODCAST TIP: Be Prepared With A Topic

    • the same way you anchored yourself against a mutual connection, anchor your topic to another episode they’ve released
    • anything that proves you’ve spent time doing your homework here will improve your odds dramatically
    • research and effort are superpowers, use them!
    • be prepared with 2 different topic ideas, and include 3-4 bullets for each one
    • if possible, include a title for your pitch topics

    PITCH A PODCAST TIP: Hype Yourself Strategically

    • don’t hype yourself TOO hard where it seems like you’re doing the podcast a favour
    • this should be thought of like a collab where both parties are mutual
    • ask questions like: “how can i add value to your audience?” or “what do you think would be most valuable for your audience re: [your topic]?”
    • it’s okay to “fangirl” a little, but keep it tidy — remember, this is mutual

    PITCH A PODCAST TIP: Be Ready For The Next Steps!

    • make it clear you aren’t applying to many many shows 
    • ASK for the next steps, and imply that your schedule can be flexible for them!
    • be ready for them to check up on you!
    • they’ll likely click all the links you’ve provided, and check to see how active and engaged you are with your audience
    • personally, if I can see that the prospective guest is talking face-to-face in their instagram stories, I’m more likely to believe they will add genuine hype and excitement to their followers when their episode goes live
    • don’t worry too much about your following being small, a great podcast host cares more about the way you ENGAGE vs. the numbers on their own

    Get your hands on the SAMPLE SCRIPT!

    I’ve created this “Pitch a Podcast Email Script” so you can use the tips from today’s episode to draft your own unique pitch for your fave podcast!

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