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Episode 107 – 5 Biggest Website Mistakes You’re Making

FYI, not the classic ones like broken links or outdated software — I’m talking about the website mistakes you’re making even if you THINK your website is on point.

Trust me, you do NOT want your website to sound like this corporate BS from my first website ever

These are things that seem harmless, but in this episode you’ll hear why I think you’re leaving money on the table when you’re not showing up in your fullest potential on your website.

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Episode 107 – 5 Biggest Website Mistakes You’re Making

We ALL make mistakes. But these ones are causing you to leave money on the table, by not showing up to your fullest potential online! For a full debrief on these 5 biggest website mistakes, check out the episode! It’s one of my FAVES.

MISTAKE #1: Your website doesn’t sound like you!

Plain and simple, if your website doesn’t match your brand voice, or encompass who YOU are or who the BUSINESS is at its core, it’s not the right fit. Take it from me, who awkwardly blasted out corporate speak in my first website, even though I was 21 years old and trying to create a boutique wedding photography business!

MISTAKE #2: It’s not showing off your BEST work!

If you wait to update your site until a full season or year has passed, this one’s for you. Not only does it boost your search engine optimization when Google can see that you’re continually making fresh changes to your site, but it also ensures you’re able to charge more for your work if you’re constantly showing the best versions of what you create.

More is not always better, especially when it comes to outdated work.

MISTAKE #3: I see you, waiting for PERFECT before you can finally publish…

I know you! You’re dreaaaaming of that perfect launch, that big milestone moment where your website is fully ready for the world to see. I believe your pursuit of perfection here is doing more harm than good!

That’s why I always putter-and-publish as I go. Update the logo, publish. Rewrite the services page, publish. This ensures my content is always being seen in it’s most up to date style, without further delay! Remember, perfect is an illusion!

MISTAKE #4: It doesn’t actually SAY anything!

UGH, my biggest beef with websites. If your website sounds the same as your competition, no wonder you’re getting price shopped! We ALL offer a great client experience and love waking up to the smell of coffee. That is not enough to get your client to understand why your product or service is the best choice! Let me repeat that:

It is NOT enough to say the bare minimum, unless you’re prepared to have price be the only factor in the client’s decision to hire you.

MISTAKE #5: You’re not guiding the reader around!

This is my signature belief about what makes a website exceptional. If you are not putting in effort to guide the reader around your site, you risk they won’t consume information in the right order, or even leave some key info out altogether!

We cannot create our website as one gigantic unit, hoping the reader consumes it in the way we designed it to be read.

Big mistake, huge!

Let’s continue the conversation during the FREE training event — this is JUST the tip of the iceberg. See you there!

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