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Episode 53 – Q&A About the Business of Photography

Ever wondered how I respond to a client who asks for a discount? Or how I started getting known around town for my work as a wedding photographer? I’m diving into YOUR questions today, all about the business of photography — but the information would be so relevant for anyone who is self-employed or has a side hustle!

Answering your questions about the business of photography in this episode, including:

Do you have any tips for getting comfortable switching camera settings while shooting AND finding locations AND maintaining a conversation? I feel like I’m slowing it down!

How can I gain exposure as a wedding photographer or second shooter?

How did you handle growing your business with 2 small children?

How do you deal with clients pestering you for a discount?

Have you ever had a client who was unhappy with her photos?

Do you ever have to say no to booking a client? 

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