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Episode 52 – Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Day Timelines

How many hours of photography coverage do you need?
When should the bridesmaids be finished hair and makeup?
How long do we need for family photos?
When should we do our first dance?
What time does the sun set in August?

Is it just me or does it seem totally unfair that a bride and groom have to blindly make a wedding timeline with basically zero experience?

Episode 52 – Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Day Timelines

I’m pouring 8 years of experience into this podcast episode that’s dedicated entirely to HOW I help to build a photography timeline for my clients that’s based on an incredible experience, plus gorgeous photos, plus a killer time for their wedding guests.

If you’ve ever wondered any of the questions above, this ep is for you! xo

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  1. Julia Ferreira says:

    LOVED this episode!! When you walked us through this in our first meeting we were so impressed. Love how well thought out the timeline is!



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