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Episode 51 – Feel Free to Unsubscribe: Becca Courtice from The Happy Ever Crafter

Perfectionism vs. Speed

  • Becca has made it a habit to push aside perfectionism (especially as an artist!) and focus her efforts on creating content that will inspire her following
  • you don’t have to be the top expert in a field to be in a position to teach
  • in fact, Becca finds it inspiring to learn from those who are a few steps ahead of her, instead of the very best in the industry
  • done is better than perfect!

Profitability vs. Fame

  • there’s a difference between having a profitable business and being instagram famous
  • many accounts create viral videos and content but without a call to action
  • it’s actually going to be difficult to create an offering for your client who isn’t used to paying for your content! 
  • Becca notes why you should take advantage of a smaller following, because it allows for a deeper connection to be made with your followers

Providing Content

  • Becca uses her free content to gain trust and respect from her following, which seamlessly transitions into sales without having to resort to “tactics”
  • her offering has evolved from the beginning of her business to now based on what the consumer has been looking for
  • if someone asks her to teach a specific course, that becomes data that she can use to measure the demand

Free Free to Unsubscribe

  • Becca LOVES her followers — but she makes a conscious effort to view those who have unsubscribed or unfollowed as a blessing in disguise
  • many platforms use an algorithm to measure engagement, so if a customer is not an interested buyer, it’s actually better if they move along!
  • we discuss the many desires to gain vanity metrics, but ultimately focus on why we choose  real hard-earned profitability 

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Episode 51 – Feel Free to Unsubscribe: Becca Courtice from The Happy Ever Crafter

Becca Courtice has grown her calligraphy business from freebies to profitability by providing VALUE to her followers above all else.

In this episode we’re talking about why you should stop trying to gain your next 100,000 followers and instead spend more energy creating content for people with whom you’ve already built a strong relationship.



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  1. Lara says:

    Best interview!!!! I love your down-to-earth Ness. It is really refreshing and you give the Gryte a confirmation. I’ve been struggling with wanting more Instagram followers, but I have a successful business. I think I will stick to what is working for me.



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