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Episode 04 – The System Broke Down, and Someone Got Hurt

In the past, I had had clients inquire about whether or not I would be featuring their wedding photos on my photography blog. But whenever it came up, a simple explanation that I simply cannot and choose not to blog every single wedding, for a number of reasons ranging from time and the inability to carve out marketing hours in a given week, to a person decision based on the direction I see my business heading in!

From the very beginning, I’ve been guided by this sentiment when it comes to marketing:

What you show, is what you attract

I know that what I put out there is exactly what I can expect to receive back, both in expectations and in reality. For example: if I were to share dance floor photos from every single wedding that extend well into the evening and feature a garter dance and a bouquet toss, I would be subtly putting out there to any future clients that these are things they NEED for their wedding coverage. The reality though, is that I rarely work past 10:30pm! There are occasions when I work later and cover those things for my client, but those photos are rarely included with my other favourite photos from their wedding day.

When you’re the expert, you influence the experience

The way I see it, these are clients who are coming to us as the experts. I have used that principle that says “what you show is what you attract” consistently for years. You will never, and I mean NEVER see a photo of the bridesmaids holding the groom lengthwise across their arms. Do I take that photo? 100% yes, less than a handful of times every year. Do I blog that photo? Never in a million years. When I take it, it’s to serve the client. What I choose to share afterwards, that’s a business decision.

The minute I put that photo on Instagram, is the very moment that my future clients consider that some part of their wedding day that they “need,” because believe it or not, I’m in a position of influence as someone on their wedding vendor team. 

And that’s all fine and good…until the email comes in

That brings us to today’s episode, about a situation where the system broke down and someone got hurt. The expectations were not set out in a way that was clear and easy to understand. An email was sent and in the interest of sharing a real and honest look at how the customer care experience should govern every move that is made, I’m choosing to share it candidly with you today.

Episode 04 – The System Broke Down, and Someone Got Hurt

When a mistake is made, it’s how you handle it that defines you. And when it might seem comfortable to wear your reasons or excuses like armour, in fact what will make your business stronger is to do the exact opposite: to take the hit and accept that something in the system broke down and that it was your fault. 

In this episode I’m sharing a real and recent experience from a client who was hurt when her wedding was not featured on the blog. My excuse? The blog is a marketing tool that I use strategically to grow my business in a meaningful way. The only problem with that, is that to her I’m not a marketing machine, I’m a person. And the inability to anticipate her emotional attachment to my actions resulted in her feeling insecure and judged.

My hope in being so candid with this episode, is that it will shed light on a potential blindspot in your business, and possibly prevent a similar situation from ever happening.



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