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From Big Ideas to Actionable Steps: How to Get Unstuck and Make Progress Now

You’ve got a MILLION ideas for your business. You just need more TIME to execute them… (And while we’re at it, it would be great if you could clone yourself.)

But what if I told you you could do MORE with LESS?

From Big Ideas to Actionable Steps: How to Get Unstuck and Make Progress Now

I felt behind. 

My whole life and everything about the way I lived it could be boiled down to two forced: being pushed, and being pulled. 

I pushed myself to get out of a corporate job. I pushed myself to curate a beautiful life for me, my husband, and our kids. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone to continue to grow as an entrepreneur. 

But I felt PULLED towards achievement. Like I had rope attached to my chest that told me: 

You’re behind.
You need to get caught up.
You need to do more.
You need to be more. 

I’ve always been a confident person. Always extroverted, always feeling free to shine and take up space and hold my own. So imagine my surprise when after working with a coach I realized that my self-worth was in seriously short supply. 

I felt worthy, I did. 

But my worth was tied to my accomplishments. I was drawn towards ACHIEVING as a way to refill my self-worth when it was getting low. 

I was only ever as good as the last checkmark on my to-do list. 

My version of success was tied to what I had just completed (a milestone in my business, a new launch, raising my prices, getting validation from others, etc.) It’s fine when you’re checking off boxes and cruising through success after success…but what happens when something bombs? What happens when something doesn’t go as planned, or you don’t meet your own quota you made for yourself?

If your self-worth is only tied to your “WINS,” your sense of worth is always at risk. 

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    Part of the work (it’s been over a year now since this revelation, and I’m still working on it,) has been to disconnect my own personal value from my accomplishments, and rather to connect that worth with who I am as a human being, my values, what makes me happy, what makes me feel fulfilled. 

    The PROCESS didn’t feel like an achievement in and of itself — only the checkbox at the end of that process felt like the currency with which I could consider myself to be a success. 

    But the PROCESS is what counts the most. The achievement only happens when you put in the work. So I wrestled with how I could do a complete 180 on how I felt success…

    Could I care more about the PROCESS instead of the WIN? 

    If you’re anything like me then you know the feeling of being so OVERWHELMED with the big ideas you want to implement for your business… And you’re probably wishing there were two of you, or 5 more hours in each day to get it done. 

    When we become overwhelmed with ideas, and let that feeling cause us to disconnect, withdraw, or doubt ourselves as the executors of those ideas, we get STUCK. 

    If nothing is funnelling through because your ideas are so entangled and overly complicated, the ideas remain stuck. Any progress is completely derailed. There are a few reasons we get stuck when we have too many ideas:

    • We overcomplicate! Picking one idea can lead us down a rabbit hole of a hundred mini tasks until suddenly we’re 6 hours deep but haven’t actually touched the one thing we wanted to do in the first place
    • Prioritizing small tasks feels like a waste of time — big action is SEXIER! It gives us a sense of major accomplishment, when little tasks can feel less impactful
    • We get restless in what we want — we want it NOW! A big idea is complicated, and it takes time, but if we ONLY care about the checkbox at the end of that accomplishment, it’s hard to keep that fuelling us through the first 99 steps… 

    What if you changed the currency with which you found success for yourself?

    What if instead of only focusing on wins to feel accomplished, we started to train our brain to appreciate small, CONSISTENT progress?

    How would that change the way you worked?

    How would it change your mindset? How would it look after a full year? How would it impact those feelings of doubt or lack of worth if something didn’t go exactly as planned?

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    It is a lifelong process to heal your relationship with achievement, build your self-worth, and curate a life as your highest self — but it starts with just one day. 

    I have created a resource to help you get unstuck and start making progress now (let that good stuff flow through the funnel!):

    Fill out your details below to grab The Weekly Productivity Planner (printable copy and digital download), as well as some journalling prompts to help you navigate your own relationship with self-worth and accomplishments:

    There’s a physical copy if you’d like to print it out and use a new one each week, OR a digital version you can use in Google Sheets!

    Each day is insignificant in the grand scheme. So is each individual accomplishment.

    Success is about looking towards your big picture goals, and connecting with your purpose on a daily basis, so that you can shift your focus and your sense of accomplishment to those SMALL, CONSISTENT tasks that get you closer to where you want to be. 

    There is SO much more to life beyond the checkmarks on your to-do list!

    The PROCESS needs to be the win. And steady progress is how you will achieve it.

    I have experienced such a dramatic change in what I’m able to create with this new mindset, and I’m so excited to be a part of your journey as you work towards a healthier relationship with your own beautiful progress. 

    Lastly, click here to find out more about one-on-one coaching! I would love to be the person who helps you tap into your highest potential this year. You deserve it. 

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    1. Tiessence says:

      Awesome advice on how to get unstuck! I didn’t even fully appreciate that I was indeed stuck. I could relate to the “perfectionist” thinking and need to focus on the process. And shrink my to do list so that it’s more manageable and less overwhelming. THANK YOU for such simple, practical advice!

    2. Melissa says:

      “You can know that, but still have a disconnect”…WOW I can’t even begin to emphasize how much you hit the nail on the head with that one for me. That is EXACTLY it!! You open my eyes so much with every episode. I haven’t even finished it yet, but had to comment that because it was so powerful. Thank you! 🙂



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