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Episode 12 – Actions are Contagious — so GO and DO!

Earlier this week my husband and I were getting tired of watching one show over and over on Netflix, so we took a break and stumbled upon that new show Tidying Up. We’ve both read the KonMari book and went through a huge purge of our stuff last year in preparation to move from a big house in the suburbs to a perfectly tiny house in the city.

I remember the feeling of being overwhelmed after first getting turned on to the idea of having less stuff and more simplicity. It was also tough to figure out where to start and I hated the idea that anything I was doing would barely a dent in the big picture.

Even though it hadn’t been long since the last purge, that first episode of Tidying Up inspired me to take another look in some of the spots that haven’t been touched in the last 12 months since we unpacked and organized. I went through the kids clothes and took away everything that didn’t fit and separating clothes by seasons. As I could have expected, it felt good.

That natural high after a bout of productivity had me thinking… are all actions contagious?

Are Actions Contagious?

It makes sense that actions inspire other actions, just think of how our bodies respond to something like sugar! We get a hit, it feels good, and we crave more of it. On the flip side, only when we remove it entirely from our system, can we truly start to feel the positive reactions of our healthy changes. Instead of craving more sugar, we crave more of those good feelings! 

I’m fascinated with the idea that we have to continually remind our brains of the things it already knows, and even more than that, I’m genuinely interested in how we can control more than we think.

Introduction to 30 Days of Ryan Kelly

At the end of this episode (12:13), I’m joined by a special guest who happens to be my husband and favourite person on the entire planet, to introduce something that you can expect to hear more of in 2019! Every 30 days, I’ll be prescribing something new that my husband has to do or follow, waiting patiently for his return on the podcast to tell us what he’s learned and how he plans to incorporate the challenge into his regular life.

In episode 12 you’ll hear us chat about WHY this challenge came to be, plus find out what he’s been tasked with first!

Episode 12 – Actions are Contagious — so GO and DO!

Call it basic, but I’m doing what everyone else in January of 2019 is doing: watching that new show on Netflix called “Tidying Up.” Before I knew it I was going through every drawer / cupboard / closet, tackling the clutter and feeling oh-so-good in the process. That natural high of productivity made it easy to tackle the next 10 things on my to do list, which had me wondering: “are all actions contagious?”

Stick around after this episode (12:13) for an announcement about something you can expect to hear more of in 2019, featuring an appearance by someone very special!



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