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Episode 13 – Heal Your Body from the Inside Out with Mia St. Aubin

The universe works in mysterious ways, which is the only way to explain the random encounter of myself and Mia St. Aubin after meeting for 1 day over 7 years ago. We’ve both been on a journey to spread positivity, motivation, and self-love in our work — mine with the recent launch of this podcast, and Mia’s with her work as a health and wellness coach. Our messages have a massive overlap, which made me 100% sure that recording an episode together was something that needed to happen ASAP.

I’m so glad Mia agreed, and that Episode 13 exists to light a spark in your life and make positive changes for this brand new year. Even though we know there’s nothing magical about January 1st, we’re sure you’ll agree that this episode finds you at the perfect time.

Here are a few things you can expect to hear in today’s episode — enjoy!!

Be the Master of Your Own Day

  • the benefits of a productive morning routine
  • creating boundaries for your calendar, with space to ensure you have time to breathe
  • SLOW DOWN to bring forth the gratitude that you work to welcome into your life
  • Examples of Mia’s daily intentions:
    • “to be as kind as I possibly can to everyone I meet”
    • “to see opportunity in unlikely places”
    • “to see how I can positively impact someone’s day”
    • “to find joy, to be happy TODAY”

Finding Self-Worth

  • it’s not in the numbers (on a scale, on a timer, on followers or likes)
  • self-worth needs to come from a more meaningful place
  • who do you want to become?
  • how can you take better care of yourself in each aspect of life?
  • once you get in touch with the lies you tell yourself that create a low self-worth, Mia found success by writing out the exact opposite and reaffirming them often
  • when you love yourself, you’re giving permission for others to love you

Healing the Body from the Inside Out

  • Mia St. Aubin had no choice but to become her own health advocate after an experience with thyroid cancer
  • pushing herself too far in pursuit of her sport left her feeling exhausted and unwell
  • she made a deal with her doctor that she would check in occasionally, but would pursue her own explanation for why her body was failing
  • experiences that lead to Mia knowing deep down that she NEEDED to help educate and teach

Taking Bold and Scary Steps to Carve Your Own Path

  • when a skill or a talent is met with a genuine desire to help others, that’s the sign that there’s a real opportunity to make a difference
  • a fork in the road is really an opportunity to test and explore, but do so knowing that your gut instincts will guide you down the RIGHT path — trust in those instincts.
  • start small and wait until you get the itch to grow, you’ll know when it’s the right time

Links found in the recording of Episode 13:

BOOK: Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz

LINK: Gabby Bernstein on Instagram

Episode 13 – Heal Your Body from the Inside Out with Mia St. Aubin

Mia St. Aubin wants you to visualize your ideal life, to really see it… She’s made it her mission to inspire others that it’s not only possible, but it’s actually within reach. One tiny little thing to note: it’s going to take hard work. You’re going to have to fight for it. But the power to accomplish your goals is as simple as deciding that you call the shots.

Founder of Canada’s largest free fitness movement, Mia has chosen to dedicate her life to inspiring our nation to get moving — but don’t get it twisted, she’s not the drill sergeant who makes you feel bad about yourself… Instead, Mia leads with love and acceptance in her teachings about discovering a healthy lifestyle that heals from the inside out.

Mia and I met for 1 day over 7 years ago, during a time that was pivotal for us both, and today on Episode 13 our paths circle back and we find ourselves thanking the Universe for this perfectly timed reunion.

Find out more about MoveCollective:

And check out Mia’s Instagram for daily reminders of self-worth:



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