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Episode 17 – I Was Told I’d Have More Luck Flipping Burgers Than Picking Up My Camera

Sharing this story has been on my big picture to-do list for years. I am so thankful for the scribbles and notes I saved from all those years ago, which helped to connect the events and the way that they unfolded. It’s funny how time passes and your perspective changes. Maybe Justin Bobby was right, and truth and time really do tell all.

So let’s go back in time together…

I thought I’d include a few photos of things that were referenced during this podcast episode, starting with my very first website (and that “Book your free consultation now!” button. I was proud enough of it to share it on Facebook, but that’s about all I remember from this very first site.

I am SO thrilled that I took the plunge to a personalized design platform, to create this site that I truly loved. (Oh, and there’s the blog banner made of manilla envelopes that I told you about. You’re so welcome.)

A few examples of my earliest work — the wedding that changed the game for me:

And the engagement session that made me fall in love with happy people. Even back then I knew that blurry happy people were better than sharp and bored people. P.S. I’m sharing this photo with the original watermark that I used at the time, just to give it that extra bit of pazazz I was rocking in 2012… I truly hope you’re appreciating it.

I marketed the heck out of those styled photos of my dear friend Caroline. We borrowed china from her grandparents and drove across the city twice between hair and makeup, but we made her look like a fancy bride with killer style. And at the time, that’s exactly what I was after.

Who says you can’t use your friend as the model…

I won’t torture you with any photos of Gene.

Episode 17 – I Was Told I’d Have More Luck Flipping Burgers Than Picking Up My Camera

We’re going back in time together for this episode, back to those first few years of starting my own business as a wedding photographer. It’s not so glamorous when you’ve got 3 page views on every blog post and a big dream ahead that seems a million miles away. And then when one asshole on Facebook tells you you’d make more money flipping burgers than picking up a camera, you can either let the words destroy you, or use them as your fuel to craft a story of success.

Join me over coffee for episode 17 and we’ll go back to a time that’s equally dark, challenging, pivotal, and magical — a time I’m calling “The Groupon Era.”



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